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Police towed our car for a flat tire. Paid $540 to the towing company to get it back. Can I get reimbursed?

2020.10.01 11:39 khjforever Police towed our car for a flat tire. Paid $540 to the towing company to get it back. Can I get reimbursed?

Hi. I live in Maryland (Baltimore County if that makes any difference.) My family's car has been parked in front of our house for awhile. That car won't start so we had been thinking about going to our dealer service center and getting it fixed. But bc of all the things going on right now, we haven't repaired it yet. I have another car so we've been using that one only for awhile. Then this happened. Yesterday we found out the police towed the car. FYI: townhouse; no driveway; all street parking but the car was street-parked right in front of our house.
I called the towing company and was told that the police officer requested towing for a flat tire. He (towing company guy) said the police officer put a sticker on the windshield in August asking for repair and came back to check a month later (yesterday.) But it was still not fixed so he towed the car.
The thing is we didn't think it had a flat tire. We just thought there might be a problem with the car key or engine or whatever. Also, I never noticed the sticker. If we saw it we would have got it repaired sooner. Anyway, when I went to the towing company to pay for the fees I checked what the sticker looks like. It says Abandoned Auto Notice but all the information was left blank. No date/vehicle/police officer info. How do I even know if it really was put in August? Also, the towing invoice/receipt that the towing company gave me says "requested by BCPD; abandon auto." Flatbed/ramp is also checked. But there's no police officer's name on it. Aren't they legally required to provide that information?If it really is a flat tire, how can it be considered as an abandonment for parking right in front of our house all this time? And I still don't think it had a flat tire. I think it's the key. The car has been sent to the dealer service center. The tech will figure out the problem and fix it later today. So I don't know if it really was a flat tire YET. I had to pay $540 to the towing company to be released. I just feel like this is such an unreasonable decision by the police officer; and the fee is just ridiculous. It is much much more expensive than getting a speeding ticket or any other traffic ticket. For parking a lil problematic car in front of your own house? Do you guys think this is fair? Is it what people normally get for parking a car with a flat tire (IF it is)? I had no idea. Since the towing company charges extra for additional days they store the car, we just paid the day we found out. It doesn't mean we agree with the amount. I'd like to dispute the amount by submitting an appeal or something. To the police officer? To the towing company? That I'm not sure. In these cases, what's the right step to get the fee waived/get a refund/reimbursement? The car insurance said the maximum amount they can reimburse for towing is $50; I checked the policy and it does say $50. So that doesn't help much. Should I call the police station that towed my car and ask? email? Any other way to appeal? Do people really just pay this much whenever the police tow their cars for petty reasons? Do you guys hire lawyers for this type of issue?And do the police officers or police stations get some type of bribe/referral fee from the towing company for every car they tow? As I type this post, I found news articles about police officers getting bribes from towing companies. So it does happen. I wonder if that's also true in my local police station. I feel like there's so much injustice going on. I'm so pissed. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Any helpful advice would be appreciated.
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2020.10.01 11:19 khjforever Police towed our car for a flat tire. Paid $540 to the towing company to get it back. Can I get reimbursed?

Hi. I live in Maryland (Baltimore County if that makes any difference.) My family's car has been parked in front of our house for awhile. That car won't start so we had been thinking about going to our dealer service center and getting it fixed. But bc of all the things going on right now, we haven't repaired it yet. I have another car so we've been using that one only for awhile. Then this happened. Yesterday we found out the police towed the car. FYI: townhouse; no driveway; all street parking but the car was street-parked right in front of our house.
I called the towing company and was told that the police officer requested towing for a flat tire. He (towing company guy) said the police officer put a sticker on the windshield in August asking for repair and came back to check a month later (yesterday.) But it was still not fixed so he towed the car.
The thing is we didn't think it had a flat tire. We just thought there might be a problem with the car key or engine or whatever. Also, I never noticed the sticker. If we saw it we would have got it repaired sooner. Anyway, when I went to the towing company to pay for the fees I checked what the sticker looks like. It says Abandoned Auto Notice but all the information was left blank. No date/vehicle/police officer info. How do I even know if it really was put in August? Also, the towing invoice/receipt that the towing company gave me says "requested by BCPD; abandon auto." Flatbed/ramp is also checked. But there's no police officer's name on it. Aren't they legally required to provide that information?If it really is a flat tire, how can it be considered as an abandonment for parking right in front of our house all this time? And I still don't think it had a flat tire. I think it's the key. The car has been sent to the dealer service center. The tech will figure out the problem and fix it later today. So I don't know if it really was a flat tire YET. I had to pay $540 to the towing company to be released. I just feel like this is such an unreasonable decision by the police officer; and the fee is just ridiculous. It is much much more expensive than getting a speeding ticket or any other traffic ticket. For parking a lil problematic car in front of your own house? Do you guys think this is fair? Is it what people normally get for parking a car with a flat tire (IF it is)? I had no idea. Since the towing company charges extra for additional days they store the car, we just paid the day we found out. It doesn't mean we agree with the amount. I'd like to dispute the amount by submitting an appeal or something. To the police officer? To the towing company? That I'm not sure. In these cases, what's the right step to get the fee waived/get a refund/reimbursement? The car insurance said the maximum amount they can reimburse for towing is $50; I checked the policy and it does say $50. So that doesn't help much. Should I call the police station that towed my car and ask? email? Any other way to appeal? Do people really just pay this much whenever the police tow their cars for petty reasons? Do you guys hire lawyers for this type of issue?And do the police officers or police stations get some type of bribe/referral fee from the towing company for every car they tow? As I type this post, I found news articles about police officers getting bribes from towing companies. So it does happen. I wonder if that's also true in my local police station. I feel like there's so much injustice going on. I'm so pissed. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Any helpful advice would be appreciated.
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2020.10.01 07:19 exiledcardigan I love my girlfriend (22F), she is a hypochondriac, I (20F) am feeling so overwhelmed and its stressing our relationship...help!

I have been dating my girlfriend, Elena (fake name for reasons), for 10 months now. In short, I love her so so so much and I honestly think that she's the love of my life and we even talk about a future together. I consider myself mature for my age (20) in terms of my views and the way I think so I am not writing this like I'm young and blinded by love.
I also deal with clinical depression and anxiety of my own so in no way am I putting down my gf.
Ever since COVID started, she's become an obsessive hypochondriac almost overnight. She constantly checks her temperature, checks her heartbeat and over analyzes EVERY LITTLE body sensation and thinks she has COVID or something else. Whether its a cough, sneeze or a 0.1 increase in her temperature. For example, she'll feel her throat being kinda dry and just assume she has the virus and goes over where she could have possibly gotten it; when in reality, Elena doesn't go out much and is a smoker so she gets dry throat sometimes. It becomes her one and only focus - so much so that our every single conversation the past few weeks is about COVID and if she has it. She also hyperanalyzes the sensations of everyone in her household even if they so much as so sneeze.
Also, Elena and I are in a LDR but live only 4 hours away. I visited her for a whole weekend after not seeing her for 2 months bc of covid. oftentimes, she wouldn't be in the moment with me knowing our times together is always limited and just be worrying about our entire environment or she'd be on her phone looking things up.
Elena asks me the same exact questions over and over multiple times a day and there's only so much patience I can have. It gets irritating sometimes to repeat the same thing over again. I love her so much and I'm trying my hardest to be supportive and reassure her that she's okay, that everything is okay. But nothing is working. She just says that she "just can't get it out of her head." I've pleaded with her so many times to seek therapy from her school services and contact her doctor, she always says she will but she self-sabotages and forgets to often. I sometimes feel like I'm a nagging mom rather than a gf bc I have to remind her to eat, drink properly etc.
I've gotten to a point where I feel like nothing I say or do will put her at ease. I'm trying so so hard to be patient and hate seeing her suffer like this. She says she's battling against it every day and I know she doesn't want to be like this either and I know anxiety is not something you can just 'turn off'.
It's also getting to a point where it's affecting my own mental health too. Every time she brings up the topic, I can feel my own anxiety rising - hard to breathe sometimes, pit in my stomach and increased heart rate.
I'm just....so lost and so tired. Is there anything I can do to help her? At what point do I make my own mental health the top priority and does that mean I leave her? I love her and don't want to break up but I'm scared my own mental health will deteriorate. Please help.
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2020.09.30 23:48 ayothrowaway121212 Owe PayPal money they sent to collections can't get a hold of PayPal anymore

Basically I own PayPal $4500 because of funds prepaid from account for online service that were paid. Long story short they locked my PayPal account out and I got no way of contacting them . 6 months later They sent my file to a collection company called ncri they sent me a email last week I just notice it as it was in junk mail. Here is the email below.
" This letter serves as confirmation that NCRi Inc., acting as a duly authorized agent of PayPal Inc., has received your outstanding account for collection proceedings.
As of the date above, we have been retained by PayPal Inc. for the purpose of a) contacting you and b) collecting the total past due amount of $$$$ within Seven (7) days from the date of this letter.
Should you fail to pay the above amount collection proceedings will continue and be escalated accordingly.
Contact us to discuss how this may impact you or forward your payment immediately to National Credit Recovery Inc. using one of the following methods"
What should I do are there's guys legit and are they collecting on behave or PayPal or did they buy my file ?
I'm in BC , want to know if they can force collection of the amount or can they take me to court what are my options and can they report to my credit file ? Ideally I want to settle this with PayPal directly and get my PayPal account activated again but that seem like a long shot
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2020.09.30 21:04 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 30, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 30, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Register for your Absentee Ballot here!
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.09.29 23:14 ngansense [VIRGINIA] PSA: You can now chat with a VEC agent via new Live Chat system

So apparently the VEC has a new "Interactive Claims Assistance" chat feature (NOT the same one on the Gov2Go website) which you can access on the "Apply for Benefits" page of their website: https://www.vec.virginia.gov/benefits-path

It's the second sentence saying, "If you have a question about your existing claim, we can provide a summary of your claim status using the Virginia Employment Commission’s Interactive Claims Assistance. To access this new feature, click here." [direct link to chat agent]
It will open up a new tab so just make sure you disable any pop-up blockers in case! You can just leave the browser window open and have it in the background with your sound on as the ping notifications are really annoying and loud.
I started the chat at 4:31pm and had 44 people in queue in front of me. At 4:48pm, I have 17 people waiting before me. I was put through to chat with an agent by 4:56pm.
However, don't get too excited bc she just told me that claims issues all have to be reviewed by a deputy and that may take some time due to their workload. So basically, all the same info I've been told since June... but at least I was able to talk to someone!
Towards the end of the chat, it got pretty laggy and the session timed out so it's still definitely a buggy feature. Hope this is able to help some of you with other questions since you're unable to get through via telephone!
Questions in the following order:
These last 3 messages will be on repeat with an update of the # of chat(s) in queue until a representative is ready to chat with you with: "Great news, you are you next! Someone will be with you momentarily." and "You are now being connected with [ AGENT ], please allow me a moment to review your claim information."
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2020.09.29 17:08 Payn3isLove Am I overreacting?

Sorry for the long post in advance
I got medically retired after 10yrs February 2019 . In May 19 I put in a new claim for sleep apnea and was given the option to also add my MST since it was never originally in my SCD.
In August 19 I got scheduled for my Sleep Apnea C&P exam and was also scheduled for a MH C&P, when I asked why I was told whenever you add a new claim one is automatically done. When to my MH app and it was a complete disaster I was already dreading it, the one that I did for my Medboard caused me to disassociate for almost 2 days.. so yeah
2mnths later I received the results of my claim and the VA reduced my MH rating from the original 70% to 50% and added my Sleep Apnea. I had my Transitional Care Case manager pull my exam notes and there was nothing in the exam that even indicated a reduction. So with the help of a VSO I filed for an appeal, which turned out be a whole disaster bc instead of submitting my paperwork they sat on it for 2 months. After that appeal my MH percentage stayed the same.
This past week I’ve been in contact with a rep from the Disabled American Vet to see a about fighting it to get my original percentage reinstated and I’m honestly at a loss as to how I should feel about our communication so far. I don’t know if I’m just being overly sensitive because I’m at my wits end with basically every aspect of my life so I was wondering if someone could take a look at this for me to see if im just overreacting
DAV: Thank you for your email. Yes, I am able to access your file now.
Upon review, your previous representative did not specify which condition they were appealing, therefore the supplemental claim was denied. Although we can surely ask VA to revisit the issue, I would like to know if there has been a change in the medical condition for your depression. For example, do you have a change in the treatment plans, prescriptions adjustment, hospitalization etc? If so, please let me know and this will serve as new evidence.
The reason why I’m looking to have my mental Health claim revisited is because there was no reason for the reduction in my percentage last year. No one can explain to me why is it that after I went through the trouble of adding my MST report and having to go through that again my percentage was dropped. Since my original Service connected date I’ve had multiple medication changes and because of how bad my symptoms were getting I had to withdraw from school because I was struggling so badly I was forced to move back to my home of record so that I can be closer to my support system and I’m still struggling to this day. At this point I’m just extremely frustrated with the whole situation because if I had known that me adding an event that is a major contributing factor to why I was found unfit to continue my service and had to end my military career before I was ready, would lead to my MH rating being decreased I would have never done it
I totally understand and I have seen people with 100% disability putting in a new claim after a few years and got reduced. Please know that we are doing everything in our capacity to assist you.
As I have mentioned in my email yesterday, the only way to get your rating increased is through working with a mental health provider who can testify that your symptoms are worsen that last VA exam. There is no other ways around it.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
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2020.09.29 03:08 lil_snowclaw My (f27) ex (m32) broke up with me after a move cross country. He’s been telling his family half truths when, in covid times, they’re some of my only friends.

Tl:dr this shit is LONG. It’s complicated and a lot happened and I don’t know what to do.
We broke up in March. We should have broke up a long time ago. I really think we were addicted to each other. And even after we broke up it was difficult to not talk to each other. We tried being friends and were mediocre but trying until he broke the one promise he made to me and started seeing someone behind my back while living in the room next to me. And he told me he fucked her 6 feet from where he told me a few months earlier he couldn’t wait to marry me.
It hurts as much as one would imagine it hurts to have the person you thought you were going to have children with and marry tell you that. It’s dull now because of time and the fact that I’m better off without him. But he was my best friend for three years. So that still smarts. But enough of that.
Around June I went to hang out with some of his family that I’m close to independently after a family party. I was just it was around midnight when he called and asked where I was because I wasn’t home. Granted, we were in the midst of trying to be friends. I told him I was at Chuck’s place, where a couple of his family members lived. He got quiet, as he’s made more than one “joke” about me trying to get with Chuck. I say yup, we’re chilling and Fred is here too. What’s up? “Nothing, sorry- bye.” In his stupid “pay attention to me voice” so I sigh, tell Fred and Chuck the whole convo, not that they’d missed much. They laugh and say why should he care, he broke up with you. I say I know, but if I don’t go home now it’s going to be worse later on- so I left.
I get home and go to brush my teeth, which I’m neurotic about. He’s switched our brushes and has taken his (actually mine) into his room, which is normal. I text him if he’s awake bc I don’t want to use his brush. He finally pops his head out and says “what do you want” I tell him, he corrects mistake and waits for me to ask what’s wrong. I stupidly do.
He goes off about how it’s like we didn’t even break up and that I’m everywhere and he can’t get space from me. I tell him cheerily and very understandingly that I hadn’t even talked to him before he talked to me at all that day. If he wants more space he can go to his family members house which are 15 minutes away, and that I’m never, ever going to ask an ex permission to hang out with my friends. He keeps insisting it’s not the same because they’re his family. I tell him that I gave up everything for the relationship so the least he can do is give me a little wiggle room here. Eventually it comes to a point of if he’s going to be there he deserves a heads up. I don’t like it but whatever.
At that point though, because of that night and how he acted afterwards I started to feel really uncomfortable being around his family.
The only thing I asked for when we broke up: a heads up when he felt ready to date again so I could get prepared. I take a while to date again. He told me he broke up with me and didn’t want to date since he hadn’t been single for more than 3 months in 16 years. He said it probably wouldn’t happen but absolutely he’d let me know.
Well 2.5 months after the breakup left his trimmed pubes on the toilet for me to see. And when I left the bathroom to tell him to clean it up he acted like I was to do it. I had to tell him twice to clean them up bc I wasn’t going to and he needed to clean up after himself more.
A week later he spent a few nights away. First time he came back hungover. Second time he came back smiling. I nicely confronted him about it and he at first lied to me and said it was an old friend from high school with X job. I told him after three years and umpteen stories about high school he’s never mentioned this one so what’s going on. He finally caved and told me.
He literally found the off brand version of me. A comparison not from myself. But almost everyone says so. It’s just weird. Even our names are the same. She’s Samantha I’m Sam.
I tried to be friendly about it and asked him questions over the next few weeks and was really happy to see him happy again. He had been having a hard time with covid and all. After a few talks he really made me feel bad about not dating when he was with her constantly. He literally told me I should have moved on and shouldn’t be feeling things and stuff like that. Keep in mind that stupidly at that point we had worked as friends so he was still my friend although it hurt to be literally left behind. Especially when at one point he called me to hang out before he went to her place.
It just got worse. At one point I had been upset for a long time about it and I finally tried to offer him an olive branch. I was crying while I offered it, but I asked if he wanted to watch a movie in the living room together. He happily agreed. He put on something we had already watched, we were both on our phones and he then put it on speaker phone while he calls someone. It was a reservation he made for them. I flip out. Ask him wtf is wrong with him and why would he do that when obviously I’m upset.
He tells me that I should be over it enough to hear that he’s going on dates. I tell him that he had made me feel like shit as a friend not even mentioning as a girlfriend in the last months. And that was a shitty move and I eventually need space bc being around him literally made me nauseous. It blows up more, I go call my mom we talk for a while. I go back in trying to be the bigger person and say okay. We can try again. We sit for 5 minutes before he’s obviously snap chatting her and I want to throw up and I tell him idk how he thinks what he’s doing is okay. (I still stand by this. It was super fucked up of him.)
A lot of shit happens. Over the next few weeks. He at one point threw up because I made him feel so bad about it.... as I was crying my eyes out and not eating because I felt so bad to have been broke up with during a pandemic where I knew no one but his family. I cried more trying to get him to leave and move back with his parents than when we originally broke up. But I felt like a shitty friend. So I tried to work through shit. He kept asking me if I wanted him to break up with her. After three weeks I finally said either break up with her or move out. And he said he didn’t want to do either. I then said I was sorry for telling him to move out because it was mean.
Another big night was one of the lasts. I had gotten mad at him enough to say tell him to leave a few times. And this time was after one or two beers for him. At the time he only had his motorcycle. He started packing and all I could see was him dead after a crash. And because I know him, the only way I could make him not do that was to break down enough that he felt he had to stay. And so I did.
I broke down so much he yelled at me while he was crying to stop crying, it was a mess, I hate it all, but if I were in that same situation again. I would again do everything in my power to stop him. I eventually got up and walked into my room, shut the door, immediately stopped crying, and told myself that I would hate myself for doing that for the rest of my life, but I would have hated myself more if he had died or killed someone and needed to come to terms with it.
And so he started spending his time there. It kind of worked for me since I didn’t want him there anyway. It made me feel like a piece of shit over and over again when he would stop by, grab his stuff, and leave. But at least he wasn’t where I was. His family occasionally talked to me and I told them I missed them and they said to stop by whenever but I was always afraid of him. So I often didn’t.
Then I finally talked to him “about making the break up more official.” Splitting streaming services & I hinted at him officially moving out. He had to run in the middle of the convo, I texted him asking if he could come back a few hours later bc I realized I wasn’t sure when I’d see him next and he did ‘so I could get what I needed off my chest and feel better,’ or something like that.
I told him that I think we should have never lived together after the breakup and that if we had wanted to make that work he shouldn’t have started a relationship. I wasn’t going to get in a relationship and I was not ready to. I say this all very nicely because I had rehearsed with my friend both male and female.
He. Flipped. Out.
I don’t remember what he said but I remember thinking that the emotions do not match actions at all. He had basic left my life. I had called Samantha his girlfriend multiple times at that point and he had gotten so mad at me because they ‘absolutely weren’t bf/gf.’ But he was basically living there. And here he was, flipping the fuck out that I ask him nicely to think about not living together. He stormed out. I didn’t see him for three weeks.
When he finally came back and anytime after that I would try to make small talk with him and he would “look like I killed his puppy” if you’re familiar with that phrase. I would flinch in my room whenever I would hear him move. I had been about one or two months into therapy at therapy at this time. My therapist asks me to look into emotional abuse options. For many personal reasons, I can’t.
At this point one of his cousins calls me occasionally to check up, and another one and I are close independently so we’re cool. A third is really nice and chats with me about how I’m feeling. But it’s kinda quiet about invites and stuff. There are a few other scattered events but I’m going to move to the now.
He travels for work and just started again and he texted me about cleaning out the apartment so I know he’s out of town. I take this opportunity to text his cousins about hanging out. They agree, we meet up, and it’s so nice to see them again. But there’s a layer of awkwardness. Eventually I tell them that I’ve been nervous to hang with them because he gets so mad at me. And I talked to him about potentially being on speaking terms and he’s just flipped out at me more and blamed me for ruining his whole day.
They made faces that said he’s said the opposite and that I’m the bad guy. I don’t mind that he’s mad at me per se, I was far from perfect. I, to this day, don’t know how to put into words WHY I was so hurt, betrayed, and bothered. He once accused me of feeling like he cheated on me, which I get why he would think that, but I had been crying, of course, and in that moment I laughed and looked at him and said something along the lines of hell no. In a tone I had NEVER used in three years and he even looked at me weird after that. I told him, same tone of voice, that’s not where I’m coming from, I don’t know what’s going on but that ain’t it and if you don’t believe me listen to my tone. That answered that.
I’ve had people that I don’t talk to frequently message me and say they’re sorry, and that he seems like he’s a mess. He’s constantly posted about her, he never did with me, and I think he wants to become an influencer now? It’s a weird dynamic. And I told people he’s going through something, a lot thought I was just saying it bc of the breakup but after a minute a lot of them were like nope, we see it now. A few people told me they don’t feel safe around him. It’s all just a mess. And every day I think to myself “I miss my friend” and I have to remind myself that he’s not that person anymore. And hasn’t been for a long time.
But the stories to his family really bother me. His cousins suggested that it wouldn’t be the worst if I came over while he was there bc then they could get the full truth as what he’s saying counter acts what I’m saying. He’s just a liar. And given the opportunity he’s just going to throw three year old dirt in my face to make me look bad to his family and he’s going to brink up the drunk driving night and play it off because he’s proud of how much he drinks and how much he can drink while driving well.
I don’t even know how he could be twisting things. He always plays the victim and says I make him feel like he’s going to make a mistake all the time. He said so in our relationship but when I told him I didn’t want him to feel that way, what can I do, he never had an answer. He just left it at that. There’s a lot of other mistakes I made about prioritizing him over myself that makes the thought of him being a victim in this rather laughable to me. But his family doesn’t know that. And I don’t want to trash him. I legit am happy he’s happy. And I just want to get on speaking terms so we could potentially be friendly towards each other again.
I’m sure a lot of people, if they’ve even made it this far (sorry I know it’s long), will say just to move on and not talk to them. But I just can’t. For a lot of reasons. Maybe one day I will. But the thought of not talking to them again really makes me want to cry like I’m back in the midst of it again.
I don’t talk to him unless he talks to me. And I’m friendly and amicable like I would be to a friend because that’s what I want. But he’s rude, cruel, and spiteful. Our lease is almost up and I think that will help. But beyond that. Idk what to do about anything. I was thinking about getting in touch with Chuck or Fred and asking them to tell me his side of things so I could be prepared at least. But I’m lost. This whole thing is a mess. And I know I didn’t handle it well. But honestly no one should have to go through what I went through. It was horrible and cruel.
If you’ve made it this far... damn... thank you. Sorry this is so long, it’s 7 months all smooshed into one post. So I did what I could.
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2020.09.28 22:46 InValensName Vicpd investigating after 3 seperate bear spray incidents Saturday night.

Date: Monday, September 28, 2020
File: 20-38690, 20-38703, 20-38712
Victoria, BC – Officers are investigating three separate incidents in which multiple people were assaulted with a weapon on Saturday night. In each incident the victims were sprayed with bear spray.
Patrol officers were called to the 900-block of Pandora Avenue just after 7 p.m. on Saturday night for a report that a man had been assaulted with bear spray. The suspects and the victim had departed the area when officers arrived. Officers searched the area and were able to garner a description of the suspects.
Just after 9 p.m. Patrol officers were again called to the 900-block of Pandora Avenue for a report that another man had been sprayed with bear spray. Officers arrived and located the victim, who was not cooperative. BC Emergency Health Services paramedics attended and treated the victim. Officers were able to garner a description of the suspect in this incident, noting a resemblance to one of the suspects in the first incident.
An hour later, Patrol officers were called to a hostel in the 700-block of Pandora Avenue for a report that a man had been bear sprayed and was decontaminating himself in the kitchen. Officers arrived and located the victim, who told officers he’d been bear sprayed, but refused to share any additional information. The man was seen by BC Emergency Health Services paramedics for an unrelated medical matter.
Officers believe these files are likely to be related.
The first suspect is described as a Caucasian man, between thirty and forty years-old, wearing a black baseball hat, a black jacket over top of a grey hoodie, blue jeans and black shoes. He rode a bicycle and carried a black backpack.
The second suspect is described as a Caucasian man, between twenty and twenty-five years-old, wearing a black t-shirt with a white circle logo on it, tan pants and black shoes.
This file remains under investigation. If you have information about this incident and have not yet spoken to officers, please call our non-emergency line at (250) 995-7654 and select option 1 for our Report Desk. To report what you know anonymously, please call Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.
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2020.09.28 20:55 InValensName Saturdays Centennial Square stabbing suspect was released within a few hours

A man was arrested & released on conditions that bar him from Centennial Square after a stabbing there early Saturday morning. The victim received non-life-threatening injuries.
Man Arrested In Centennial Square Stabbing
Date: Monday, September 28, 2020
File: 20-38596
Victoria, BC – A man was arrested and faces recommended charges of assault with a weapon after a man was stabbed in Centennial Square in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Patrol officers responded after a man called 911 just after midnight on Saturday morning to report that he’d been stabbed in Centennial Square. Officers arrived and located the victim, who was suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. The victim was treated on scene by BC Emergency Health Services paramedics.
Officers located the suspect nearby and took him into custody. He was transported to VicPD cells and released with conditions several hours later. These conditions bar him from Centennial Square until he appears in court.
The investigation indicates that the two men were unknown to each other at the time of the incident.
This file remains under investigation. If you have information about this incident and have not yet spoken to officers, please call our non-emergency line at (250) 995-7654 and select option 1 for our Report Desk. To report what you know anonymously, please call Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.
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2020.09.28 02:59 sellybeanfactory my boyfriend is very close with his parents. am i overreacting?

my boyfriend and i have been dating for a little over a year and haven’t had any big problems. we’re both in our early 20s.
for background, i grew up very independent of my parents (got license asap, only shared things with them that i wanted to, etc.) and i’m currently living with them bc of the pandemic and to save up for my next place. i recently started working full time, so i don’t hang out with my parents a lot since they also both work and our free time is spent how each of us want to spend it. to show how much i don’t really spend time with my parents, it might help if i mentioned that they didn’t even know i started working full time until i was leaving for work one day. we catch up every now and then, but we very much act as roommates rather than parents & child.
my boyfriend also lives at home while he’s finishing school / training to be a firefighter, and he’s very close with his parents. they talk about opinions, what they’re doing each day, each item they got from the grocery store, etc. normally, i don’t have a problem with that- i think it’s cool to have a close relationship with your parents.
however, sometimes he’ll say something to them that makes me recoil & think “...why did you have to tell them that??”.
the most recent example happened a few hours ago and this is where i’m starting to question how comfortable i am with their relationship.
my bf works in the customer service industry & their place of work just found out that one of their employees tested positive for COVID. they let all employees know that the positive person hasn’t been to work in around 2 weeks but everyone should get tested anyways.
bf texted me the above info and informed me that he’s probably fine but will get tested. maybe 30 min later, he texted me saying that we’ll have to cancel our dinner reservations for tomorrow because his parents won’t let him leave his room.
this was something that made me think “why would you tell them that your coworker is positive?”. of course when you live with multiple people, they should all know if there’s a chance of being exposed, so i get that.
the next part that sent me into a train of “am i dating a child / chronic mamas boy” thought was that he said that if we still wanted to go to dinner tomorrow night, that he would come to my house and we would go to dinner “without telling them”.
the whole “without telling them” phrase sent me back into high school when us rebel teens would do sneaky things without our parents knowing, and has left me feeling weird.
so where i’m looking to reddit is to find out if this is something that’s usually outgrown once he moves out? or is this a glimpse into what i would deal with for the rest of my life (if we got married or something)? am i being too judgemental / sensitive to their relationship? or is this something i should bring up?
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2020.09.27 00:57 throwRAsuicideroom My (22f) manager (21m) has been hitting on me repeatedly. Not sure what to do?

Tldr: I work in customer service and it's become pretty clear that the assistant manager where I work is into me/hitting on me and I'm not sure how best to handle the situation moving forward.
I started working at this facility about a month and a half ago. I didn't know it then but the manager and assistant manager have very much nepotized the workplace. They both have family working there and/or are good friends with the other workers.
I also did not know that the facility has a history of scandalous behavior (fucking in breakrooms, backrooms, and bathrooms, coworker relationships, regulars cheating on spouses with associates, etc).
A lot of the people who contributed to those activities have been fired and the people there now are nice, but the place itself is very much male dominated.
Since working at the place, I believe my assistant manager has developed feelings for me. It's become pretty obvious as he's begun to share pretty significant details about his life and he consistently compliments me in (what I would consider) individualized ways.
He tends to notice small details about me, tells me how pretty I am at least once a day, compliments my intelligence, etc. It's in the moment type of stuff based on whatever convo we're having so I can tell it's coming from a sincere place and he remembers almost everything I have said about myself or my dating life (which he also seems to bring up w me at least once a day)
I have tried to make it very clear that a) I am not looking for a relationship of any variety right now and b) I will absolutely, under no circumstances, ever date a coworker. I have explicitly stated both of these things to him both individually in conversation and also in groups. Today I explicitly stated that I won't ever consider dating someone I work with and when he asked what the likelihood of men who asked me getting my number was, I told him slim to none for those very reasons.
Instead of this deterring him, he began laying on the compliments. Thick.
I do not lead him on or compliment him back, I have told him more than once without mincing words that I don't want someone in my life and pretty frequently correct him when he's gotten out of line with some of the stuff he says. He is still telling me "I won't have to miss you for long" when I leave work and we are both scheduled the next day, and he still brings up my dating life even tho I tell him I don't want to discuss it bc nothing's changed (I tell him he's being nosey, he needs to find something to do w his time if he's thinking about me that much, etc).
I cannot afford to lose my job but today somehow a conversation of fears came up and I mentioned that I think all women are pretty much afraid of being taken or trafficked and he told me "you're definitely pretty enough to be human trafficked, but I think you're too smart". This was, I believe, a misfired compliment but I told him it was super inappropriate to say bc being kidnapped has nothing to do with being pretty or intelligent. I don't really know how to handle this anymore.
I want to report and the company has rules against retaliation but the facility we work at is full of his people and people who think like him. I'm not sure what the best course of action is? Any advice or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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2020.09.26 12:51 slistherine “A Person In Search Of A Vision”

I’m in the midst of watching The Mask Of Zorro, so the reference in the title felt mandatory.
I’m a 25F looking for a goddamn vision. Which really translates into “I have no direction in my life”. My story is rather long and repetitive, so I’ll summarize the main problems:
•My self worth is heavily (HEAVILY) dependent on my academic achievement/success. Which is a problem... when you dropped out of college. A heavy mix of depression, anxiety, lack of general social/college survival skills and an assault in my second year was the perfect cocktail to send my (previously) okay grades into the Great Black Void of Academic Failing. Rather than acknowledge I needed a help/break from school, I just scraped my way through and dropped my 4th year. I’m the daughter of immigrant parents & first gen— leaving school felt like the ultimate shame.
•I’ve NEVER known what I wanted to do. I feel like every career I think of I’ve either romanticized or I just hate outright. Things I’ve wanted to do: Nat Geo Photographer, Farmer, anthropologist, psychologist, Wildlife veterinarian, travel guide. I’ve noticed that the majority of my “dream careers” seem to involve working with people/animals and (most importantly) away from a desk, with a healthy balance of the outdoors. I’ve always known I’ve hated the 9-5 office gig and finally working one really cemented the fact that I hated them. I don’t think I’ve ever daydreamed of fist fighting as many people as I did in that job— even in my early retail years.
•I want to help so badly it’s suffocating me. One of the main reasons I hated that 9-5? I couldn’t explain to myself what the point of the job was. It didn’t “help” people— it provided a service ofc, but no one really seemed to benefit but the company. They often overcharged (at least IMO) services, underpaid their independent contractors, were constantly overworking their employees. I cannot tell you the amount of times I told my boss that she was worth more than this job. ME, a lowly employee, reminding HER, a superior, of her worth. Honestly, watching her go through it just made me want to run more. I’m wasting 5 days a week at Satan’s PlayPlace listening to customers scream at me that I’m incompetent for... what? For fucking capitalism? To make my bosses money? My job made no difference. The world would be exactly the same with or without it. I’m not looking to become famous— I just want to know that the few years I spent here were well spent. That all this shittiness was worth something, at least. If I’m going to stress, at least let it be over something that makes the goddamn world a better place.
I don’t know where to start. It’s been ~5 years since I dropped out. I’ve been taking jobs as they come, kind of just listlessly functioning. I’ve rejoined my local CC but it’s gonna take me ~4 yrs to finish that BA (trust me, academics are a mess) and honestly, I’m losing my patience to finish it. I’m tired of being broke. I want to start a career but I literally have no clue how to move forward bc I feel so worthless without that BA. I can’t bring myself to update my LinkedIn or anything of the sort bc I don’t know how to make myself an attractive, competitive candidate WITHOUT that BA.
Is there any way I could find a career where I can: help others, make decent money, and have room to grow? It’s not that I don’t want to work— I love the idea of being a career woman whose biggest complaint is about “not finding love” in her cute ass loft apartment rather than a depressing, broke chick who cries in her workplace bathroom.
Please help me make my dating life my biggest problem.
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2020.09.26 06:31 lowkeypineapple 20 [f4m] at least you won’t be the worst date i’ve ever had

hello! so, tinder is still.. well tinder. i've still had no real luck with any dating apps and i just had a disastrous date, if you could even call it a date. i had to have my friend my call me with an excuse to leave. and i never did find a quarantine cutie with my last post. so i’m sorry if this is redundant. ( i also i did totally just post then delete and repost bc i thought of a better title a solid 3 seconds after i posted this lol)
anyways, i suppose i should introduce myself.
-what are you looking for?
...um a relationship. that’s the goal at least.
-tell me about yourself
this is still horrible question. i never what to say. there’s nothing too interesting about me to talk about. please do not ask me this, ask something more specific at least.
-for real, tell me about yourself
yeah, yeah, yeah. i guess you do need to know a bit about me to decide if you’d actually like to waste some of your time talking to me.
basic, boring, need to know things:
•i’m 20 years old
•i live in the middle of nowhere, the closest city you’d probably recognize is chicago. (i’m not in illinois though)
•i’m not in college, and currently don’t have plans to go
•i work in hospitality
•i’m not religious
•i’m totally NOT a serial killer, so don’t worry about that. hahaha...
what do you like?
•music! some of my favorite artists are: the 1975, niall horan, harry styles, 5sos, isaac dunbar, hozier, conan gray, small pools, bad suns, primer, the neighbourhood, nick leng, and plenty more!
•tv series! i’m not much of a movie person, i do like them but i find myself watching series more often. i just finished money heist (amazing! cant wait for season 5!) and ratched! some others that i enjoy: criminal minds, law and order svu, tbh i’ll watch just about any murder mystery show or documentary, 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 lone star, it’s always sunny, bobs burgers/ family guy/ american dad/ f is for family and some others!
•hobbies? please don’t ask. i come from work and sleep and that’s like all i do haha.
•naps. i really like naps.
•walks and bike rides! it’s so nice to be outside!
•candles. i freaking love candles!
•to vent. i love/hate my job. costumer service can be awful. i’m lucky if i can go a full shift without someone losing it on me. so after work i’m pretty much always in need of a good rant to let out my inner rage haha.
what do you dislike?
•i feel like i dislike a lot of things but now that i’m trying to write this it’s SO hard to think of them
•spelling what like 'wat' or 'wut' it actually irritates me more than it probably should. i can't stand it.
-what do you look like?
i won’t be attaching a photo to this post because the internet is full of weird and creepy people. however, as i would expect to see a photo of you as well, i’ll send some privately.
here’s a little description of myself, because looks are at least a little important, let’s be honest: i’m 5’7, curvy, strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, i sometimes wear glasses, i’m absolutely covered in freckles and i’m so so pale.
-what do you look for in a potential partner?
•kind, sympathetic, respectful
•not a trump supporter
•i don’t really have a ‘type’, looks aren’t everything anyways. (however, i do have a soft spot for dad bods and brown eyes)
•age range: i’m pretty open. 18+ (duh!) but i do like older guys. i’d say 35 or so is my limit but hey, if you’re a little older don’t let that stop you!
•distance is not a huge deal for me. if you have a cute lil accent that might even be a bonus! (obviously be willing to meet in person at some point, doesn’t have to be anytime soon, ya know with this lovely virus going around and all)
so yeah, the bar is actually pretty low.
anyways, i hope to hear from you soon!
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2020.09.25 18:42 BeardyGoodGuy [B/S]+ Our full story

I'll start off saying that I'm not a great writer, but we wanted to share our story after reading other's stories here. Memories are a bit hazy here and there but we 3 agreed on the contents of this story. Hope y'all like our story, enjoy.
My youngest sister was ... and I was ... when we started exploring eachothers bodies, a year after our parents got divorced. Not in an overly sexual way. We'd play games with eachother and the game that set it all off was: Doctor... We had this toy doctor kit and it had everything a doctor needed. The thermometer was used mostly, because when we got a fever our mom used to take our temperature, so it was the only one we knew. The key to how it all started, the thermometer. First we hold it over our clothes onto eachothers butt. After some time I asked my sister why we used it the wrong way, we were, after all, medical experts. We started to insert the thermometer in eachothers butt, like we knew. It only took me one time to wonder why my sister had two holes, so I stuck it in her pussy. She had said that it wasnt how it was done.
I think it took about a year, for our mom to find out what we've been up to. We weren't really punished, we we're just told that it's not a thing kids should do. We stopped using the thermometer. We had seen everything of eachother and we're curious like kids are, so we started inspecting eachother. How it looks, feels and smells and how the skin interacts when touching it. Still kind of innocent at this point.
We kept on exploring eachother upstairs, after dinner, not really moving further than fingering. Our mom must have expected something because she checked in with us often, but that didn't stop us. My sister was always wet when I'd start to touch her, I learned that inserting my fingers and moving them would make my sister whimper. It was always a nice, wet and warm pussy. First couple of times I fingered her I never really knew what I was doing, but she'd make sure her little brother would pleasure her. She told me what felt good and I eventually made her cum everytime I would finger her.
Almost every time I got a mad boner from my sister's gentle touch. At the time I didnt really know what I should do with that feeling, but my sister did instictually. She kept stroking untill I came for the first time I remember, I was just ... years old. I remember that I didnt shoot any cum then, but my cock throbbed so incredibly hard. Because of how much our mom would check on us during playtime, we'd move it around and we'd start fucking around when the other was showering. Our mom never checked in during showertime, I think because I should be sleeping when my sister was in the shower.
My sister had figured out that she could cum from putting her clit under the faucet. She told me later that she wanted to wash her pussy and that she'd try using the faucet, but instead found out that's a great way to cum. She would turn on the shower, get it to her desired temperature and switch over to the faucet and lie on the floor. Now the faucet was 1,2 meters up from the floor. She'd turn the water down to the point the stream would brake before it hit her clit. Having that water fall on her clit made her squirm so hard. I watched her with curiousity and observed how her clit danced under the water stream falling down. It made me hard seeing her get off like that.
My sister told me to try and put my cock under the faucet like she did and see what it does. I did as she'd suggested. It did make my cock hard, but nothing close to orgasm. However, I knew that the part where my foreskin connects to my cocks head meet was very sensitive, so I'd try to use the shower head, turn it to the 5 stream airated option and have it shoot onto that sensitive part. I came after 15 minutes. My sister impressed with the improvisation, she'd sit down on the floor next to me and wanted the showerhead. I denied her the control, saying I'm your little brother let me do it for you, her orgasm was harder than previous one. It turned me on, but that was short lived, because we heard mom downstairs.
We kept going at it at least once or twice a week, depending on how closely we were watched, till we were ... and .... Our parents split the holidays between them. During that years summer holiday we had found a porntape in our dad's VCR, it was called Muchos Grassy Ass or something. A poolside gangbang, with a lot of girls giving handjobs, blowjobs and swallowing a lot of cum. We saw what they did in that porn video and in the coming weeks we'd mimick everything we saw. Our dad never checked in on us, he'd just what we were doing or when dinner was ready. He left us playing upstairs. Little did he know what was up. When we were at our dad's we'd play almost entire days and after having seen that porn... We'd start taking it further.
My sister would start sucking my cock, I'd eat her pussy, we'd kiss with tongue and masterbate eachother like we had seen them do on that tape. No penetration yet. This went on for almost every day for that summer holiday, sometimes we we're playing card games with our dad and his wife. When we got home we'd went back to our old routine, with added extra things we could do. My sister would try to get me to cum by sucking my cock when I would be brushing my teeth. I remember only one time that I came in her mouth like this, most times she'd stop because there were other siblings coming upstairs or mom.
Next year, our parents bickered whom should get the kids this summer. Our parents asked us, I said I was okay with both, my sister on the otherhand said she wanted to go to dad. When she did she looked at me with a expecting look I had seen before. So I sighed and said, sure if sister wanted to go I'd join her. Dad told her we'd go somewhere cool, that's also why she said she wanted to go to dad I learned later that summer.
That summer we went on a trip to Paris and Disneypark. The days before we left, we were having eachother every night. Dad and stepmom never checked in with us. Not even when we screamed or anything. We kept our ears open even though we thought we did nothing wrong. Ever since I had cum when I came since I was almost 11 my sis would swallow all of it, everytime. I made sure I eat her out just as often or more. The days at our dad's just sent this in hypermode since we were never checked. At home, our mom kept closer watch.
So the night before we would go to Paris for the summer holiday I came a ton in my sisters eager mouth. She always said she liked how it tasted and that it was only fair because I was her little brother. After I came for a 3rd time I was sore and said it was enough. I still wanted to cum more but my cockhead was too sensitive. She sucked it so well all the time. So i decided it was her turn. I ate her out, finger fucked her, she was so wet and her smell drove me crazy. We went to bed at 6, right after dinner claiming we needed to rest for the long journey(4 hours, lol). We did all the above till 11 something... I was going crazy because of my sisters pussy. Totally sex drunk my sis and I didn't hear my dad come upstairs. He opened the door and I crawled from under the blanket. Thinking this was it.
My sister claimed she had lost her earring and I was helping her find it. My sister, most clever girl knew how to lie and convincingly too. My dad said, we'll turn the bed over tomorrow and we'll find it, I'm sure. We said okay and went to 'sleep'. Our dad snores very loud. So we kept going till I busted a 5th time, a very small bit of cum, my sister sort of disappointed, but still licking as much as she could. I got her off I don't know how many times. The room smelled musky. My stepmom said the same. We claimed it was hot and we sweated alot. No questions asked. Beds both very wet with our sweat, hehe.
We were woken up at 5 am. We slept in the car. My sister kept fondling my parts with her feet. I was annoyed, I wanted to sleep. Dad said to stop annoying eachother, my sister stopped only to scowl at me with a pouty face. I got to sleep the rest of the journey. Finally we arrived in Paris. Dad had 2 rooms booked, 1 for him and stepmom and 1 for my sister and me. They said it was 2 seperate beds, but it was a single doublebed. We hid our excitement well. Dad was angry, but said he didnt care, it was what it was. We got the only key to that room. We shared the bathroom with the room of our dad, so we locked it and hid the key, saying the key wasnt there. My dad ever practical said to come to our door in the morning and you can come in through our side. Great thinking dad. We think that he was done with hotel services, dont know what else was fucked up. We walk through Paris, we eat, at 8pm we were in the hotel and dad said he was tired, we saw him grab our stepmom's butt. So we didn't complain much. We started fake fighting a little so dad said go to your room. We gave him an out on us and by doing so we create our own space. We argued that wasn't fair we wanted to stay up with them. He said no. We angrily got to our rooms. Or so dad thought. We undressed real fast, closed the curtains. Air-conditioning on full cuz it was going to be hot. We got busy like animals.
Licking and sucking and fingers and all of it. She was doing her very best, doing new things with her tongue and fingers. I asked where she got that from and said from another tape she found of my dad. I disappointedly asked why she hid it from me, I'd want to learn new things too. She looked at me all mischievous and stopped, my heart stopped thinking I'd not get any anymore. Bit she leaned back, started rubbing, pulling and pinching her nipples and clit. While looking at me all intense like. She show me how wet she was and told me to come get it, little brother, it's yours. My dick sprung up. I got so hard from that.
I crawled to her and smelled her tight slit, the smell is indescribable. I start to lick her while shes widespread sitting with her hands behind her leaning back. She'd moan my name and guide me to what she wanted me to do. Yes little brother lick my clit, put your fingers in me, you know the spot to hit. So I tried to do the same with my tongue as she did earlier to me. I was so in trance with her body, smell and taste that I started low moaning while sucking on her clit. That was a success, my big sister came like she'd never. The amount of pussy juice drooling down her pussy, amazing! I licked it all up, I love her taste.
She took my head and pulled me up for a kiss, with tongue. I'm not sure what this is and I just try to hug her tongue with mine. We stay kissing like that for a while. She pulls away from me and pushes me back so I'm on my knees and my hands behind me leaning back just like my sister a little while ago. My dick poked up with some pre-cum on the tip and a string of pre-cum where it had already leaked. She kissed me again and stroked my cock, licked the pre-cum off. Smiled at me and asked me what I wanted most of her to do. I told her I love it when you give me a handjob, finish me in your mouth and show me how much you love to swallow me. She does.
After that we were glistening from sweat even though the airco was on. Maybe it wasnt on or the settings were wrong. Who knows. We're spooning, I started stroking my sisters hair, kiss her neck and glide my hands over her body next to mine. Teasing her nipples, softly squeezing her tits, caress her stomache and cup her pussy with my other hand. I whisper in her ear, I love you. I can feel her heartbeat going faster, she turned her head to try and look me in the eye. She pushes herself into me and moves her hips. Is that true, she asked me. I nod, whisper yes, and nozzle her neck, taking in her sweaty, musky smell. I kept her pussy cupped in my hand and with the other hand i cupped a breast.
My sister pulled my hands of her and I let her go completely. She sits up and puts her hands on my chest and says to relax and lay down. With one hand on my chest and one on my leg she used her mouth on me again. When I was rock hard again she said did you REALLY mean what you said? I hold her hand that's on my chest, nod and said yes. She asked do you trust me? I just nod, my heart racing and drumming in my ears. She straddles me, looks me deep in my eye and asks me if I'm ready.
My cock is real close to her warmth and wetness I can feel it radiate. I nod the smallest nods. She moves back a little, halfway my cockhead she holds there. She looked so sexy then, I wanted my sister so bad! We looked deep in eachothers eyes, our hands intertwine which she hold above my head. Slowly backing up her hips, I feel her slide over my cock. Her pussy so slick and warm. It is the best I've ever felt. I can feel all of her around my cock. She cums for just that and her orgasm feels like her pussy hugging my cock. Our breathing is shaky from pleasure and nerves.
When my sister hilts me, she kisses me deeply. I make smallest thrusts using my hips. She moans the hottest moan. Our hands stay intertwined and she pulls herself forward. I feel her pussy sliding up. I move my hips to stay in, but my sister says no, Ill do it little brother, stay there. I stop my moving, enjoying the sensation, kissing my sister again. I hold her hand and move one on my chest, she lets go and my free hand goes to her hip. She opens her eyes when I'm almost out of her, she looks at me and gives me the sexiest smile. We sync our breath, she nods and I know what she wants to do. She pushes down, my hand on her hip pushes her down too. She speeds up, both hands go to my chest. I play with her tits and clit. She bends over and says to lick her nipples.
My sister pushed down so slow, her pussy envelops my cock and hugs it so tight. My cock is throbbing, we both feel eachother. Again and again, I feel my cock get harder and my balls tighten. My sister must have felt or seen my face, she pushed down hard the last time, making me go balls deep I thrust with my hips to go as far into my sisters tight, warm pussy. She repeatedly whispers yes yes yes. Cum for me little brother she said as she pushed down for the last time, I thrusted to her pushing down. We came together. I came hard and deep and kept hip thrusting into her pussy. My sister wanted to lay like that with my cock in her pussy. She laid on top of me and I felt myself ever so slowly shrink inside her. We kissed and she said she was glad and asked me if I was okay. I nodded. Couldn't talk. That was night 1 in Paris. I dont the time we went to sleep, we woke up with her still having a pussy full of my cum. We got up and she used a little wipe to get most of it. We went to our dad's room, I asked my dad if he had the map with the routes he wanted to walk. I covered my sister so she could go into the shower.
During that week I came so often in her pussy and mouth it's crazy. A week and a half passed by real fast. We walked routes with our dad and stepmom by day, we had dinner and we'd see how late we'd be excused to go to bed. We were quite often already tired at 9 after dinner. But once in bed, we'd not be able to let the other sleep before they had came one way or another. I fucked my sister's pussy so often and came deep everytime. She feels amazing! In hindsight I asked Andrea yesterday, why didn't she bleed the first time we were together. She laughed and said I think I took my own virginity by fucking a big dildo she'd found in the house. Up to this day we don't know whose it was.
The last night, of this insane holiday, we found out that our dad had ordered xxx channel. The next morning he'd get the news that both rooms had the channel and both rooms watched. I was watching tv because I couldn't sleep and stumbled upon it, and watched it. Andrea confirmed this and said she took the remote and stopped me watching. My dad was so proud of his little girl stopping his perverted son. If he had only known. The name of that movie escaped us. But we saw a girl getting fucked in her ass. Andrea, told me she wanted to try that too. Not lying when I say I was scared.
She starts me up and sat doggy like the girl on TV. She said good that dad ordered this channel and that it must be a mistake, I didn't listen. I just wanted my Andrea. I put my dick to her ass and tried to push in. I said it wasn't going. She said push harder. It hurt, I stopped. She said I could try and lick her first like before. So I do. It wasn't planned so I'm not sure if sour is the flavour you should get licking ass, but I'm not a quiter. I wanted to give it to her when she was face down ass up. I lick like my life depended on it. In hindsight it is only good that she went toilet before bed... She squirms and moans softly I shouldn't delay.
While I'm getting ready I keep an eye on the screen. I see the girl push back. And the guy finger her ass. So I copy and tell Andrea to to do like her. Again I set my dick against her ass and push, I feel her push back and I'm in. Andrea yelps and says it hurts, but it also feels good. I ask if I should stop and I move to get out and she takes my arm and says no I want you to have me like that. Without any thought I spit on her ass and she slowly moves so I go in deeper and deeper. It feels weird, but good.
She quivers and says I can try to slide in and out if I want but do it slowly. It takes all my effort to not just go, I wanted to have her like that guy in the movie had that girl. She comes. Asks if I'm close. I says I'm not. She says she wants me to cum. She wants to feel me throb in her. I spit again and slide in and out faster and push her into the bed, she goes prone and yelps hard into the bed. I say sorry, she says no it's fine. I feel her anus contract. I ask if she came and she says yes now you little brother. I give her some more slow balls deep thrusts and I come the hardest in all my life. I retract and caress Andreas back. She's panting so hard. I ask her if she's fine. She nods.
After it all we went for a quiet wash, hoping not to wake our parents. We take the key to the shared bathroom and I go check on my parents. They're not there. Now I know that they were out for drinks, enjoying music downstairs in the restaurant. We wash up fast, she walks a little funny. Maybe that was me. We go to bed, we spoon and fall asleep. We sleep for a couple hours and see our dad and stepmom the next morning at 8am so we can go have a shower.We go back home and have 2 more days of sex filled insanity, never being checked. The holiday ended and we had to go back to mom's house.
A couple of weeks after the Paris trip our stepbrother found us in bed, we said we're fucking. But he didn't think we did because he just saw out faces. A few days after we were playing truth or dare with our stepbrother. So I said truth and he asked me if I have had sex, I said yes and he said liar. I'm not a liar I told him and got quite upset that he called me a virgin. I don't know why I got upset, probably because I was scared to prove it. My stepbrother's turn and he said truth. My sister asked him if he would tell mom and his dad if my sister and me fucked in front of him. He said no. My sisters turn and she said dare. My stepbrother and I said in unison: fuck your brother / fuck me. She said we would do it under blankets. Stepbrother said sure. I got on bed already hard. My sister removed my clothes and I removed hers while protecting our modesty I guess. It was routine for us by that time. I lie down, she moves on her knees over me and guides my cock to her pussy... She lowers herself over my cock and I thrust my pelvis up. He saw out faces while fucking, kissing and our climaxing. He got up, laughed and said we were great actors. Nothing happened after that from him knowing what we did/do.
We keep at it as many times as we can. Interchanging BJ, HJ, sex... Never was scared until I got the memo that women can get pregnant, I wasn't think about all that. I thought she'd be with child for sure. So much cum I shot in her pussy. I almost died. I asked Andrea if she was on BC and it was all good, she was already on the pill at this point for over a year. When I can I still keep her pussy, mouth and rarely her ass filled whenever Andrea wants me to.
Somewhere around Xmas that year there was a girl that fancid me in school so of course I'd say yes to her and have her over at our house. Alexandra is her name. She made Andrea jealous and Andrea was angry with me for sometime. She stopped speaking with me and I didn't get to make love to her for some months. Being pent up like that I jerked it more often than normal. I did get agitated more because of not getting my sister's sweet pussy.
Some time went by, started having fun with my gf Alexandra. She must have wondered why I knew what I knew. She asked me if I had sex before and said yes. She asked if she knew her and I said yes. She asked for a name and I said I couldn't tell her her name. She accepted. We moved slow. She wasn't like my sister at all. Mostly because we didn't see eachother as much as I saw Andrea and I had to use a condom. But we progressed. So after those 2 months I already established sexual relationship with my gf, I was less agitated and Andrea finally started talking with me again. One day mom was shopping, Andrea pulled me upstairs, didn't say anything, till we were in the attic and she asked me how could I do that to her. I said I never loved Alexandra, I do now, but I wasn't going to do anything with Alexandra. Not untill Andrea stopped talking with me and stopped having sex with me. Andrea was crying, I tried to console her and said I could break it off and just blame myself for it and we'll continue together.
Andrea walked away without saying one more word. Slowly she acted normal around me. We got back to talking and stuff. She got a bf, he dumped her later on. Andrea cried, I was the only one she kind of found solace in. With Alexandra it got better and better. Found more time to be with her and she started to be more adventurous like my Andrea was. It was somewhere during summer holiday where I had turned 15 and Andrea 17. Alexandra was over at my place. My mom had found a man to date and she was gone to see him, she entrusted Andrea and I with the house. She left money for food and the cabinets were stocked. My other siblings already had left the house (army, summer job, own home)so I had all the space and time I wanted with my gf. I had planned a week of fucking her silly. Day one: mom left early, gf got here around midday, played games with Andrea and then got upstairs to watch a movie. I put on Dirty Dancing cuz my mom said that was a good film. Indeed it was. Before the begin credits were done we were kissing and she pulled my clothes off and I just pulled down her leggings and panties. Gotta love dresses.
We start getting heavy and I notice the house is too quiet for my liking. My gf licking my cock made me forget that thought fast. Later I learned Andrea had been watching us. Alexandra was allowed to sleep over after we forgot the time while fucking. I think her dad suspected something but her mom said it was fine. Day 2: wake up, stroke my cock, wait for gf to wake up, rail her some fierce. Get food. Play on PlayStation. Go to swimming pool with gf parents and Andrea could come with. Nothing fancy at night much to my dislike.
Day 3: Alexandra's parents drove us home yesterday so... I had to wait for Alexandra. We had breakfast Andrea and I. We talk about playing boardgames later. I ask her for some privacy later when my gf walked in through the backdoor. Alexandra kissed me and talked girly stuff with Andrea. All good. We played several boardgames, Alexandra teasing me under the table. I stretch and yawn, tell Andrea I'm go upstairs and watch a movie, maybe take a nap. Alexandra got the hint. So with Alexandra I had to use condoms which is asked my oldest brother to get. Alexandra isn't on birth controle. Only 2 condoms left, I kind of panicked, just 2?! Oh well it's 2 more, cross that bridge when we get there, maybe I'd buy them myself this time. I start feeling Alexandra up, kiss her neck and whisper in her ear that she is the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. It always took a bit of tender time and effort to get her ready. I rub her feet and back using directions I found in a book I found in my brother's room.
I eat her pussy, she tastes like musk smells I guess, very animalistic. I love it. Find her g-spot and make her a sloppy mess. She gives me a blowjob, I'm enjoying myself, that's when I hear floorboards creak. I turn a bit to see the door slightly ajar. Did I leave it like that? Again it was too quiet, Alexandra sucking me off hard now because I wasn't paying attention. I ignore the door, but see something flash in the gap. That's when I knew it had to be Andrea. That got my heart racing. Was she watching us? Did she want to join? Many months went by so I thought she wouldn't want me anymore.
I make Alexandra stop and have her turned sideways to the door and I sit legs wide open but straight on the bed so if she was looking Andrea would have a clear sight of my cock. I told Alexandra to lie on her stomache sucking me off like that. She always pulls her feet up and opens her legs lying down on her stomache. Now Andrea must be able to see it all I thought. Some time goes by I hold Alexandra's ponytail and guide her up and down. I set the pace. Slow slow fast slow slow slow fast fast. I hear or see nothing so I thought it was just my imagination. We continue for a bit before I cum in her mouth I put on a condom have her bend over the edge of the bed legs as wide apart as she can. It's a tall bed, I can perfectly insert myself standing behind her. Lust takes over and I push myself in deep, thrusting harder and harder. I didn't hear Andrea open the door and come in, neither did my gf.
Andrea was behind me and slowly hugged me from behind, I stop for the smallest second wanting to say something. Andrea holds her hand over my mouth thrusts her hip against mine making me fuck my gf. She whispers in my ear that she couldn't take it anymore. Her second hand moved to my balls and she plays with them while keeping me moving. She whispers: a condom? Why not cum in her? My gf moaning, never looking up or back never knew what happened. Andrea took my hand and made me feel her wet pussy. My thrusting got harder. Alexandra is almost screaming. Andrea tells me to fuck my gf, but to pull out and take the condom off before I come to feed Andra my cum. Andrea wanted my cum in her eager mouth. She got down next to my gf's leg dangling over the edge of the bed. I feel a rush coming, I give 2 more slow deep thrusts and I'm coming. I pull out, pull the condom off, Andrea takes my throbbing cock in her mouth and gives me a wink while she does, she has smiling eyes. Before Alexandra is any the wiser I keep her there and finger her hard, still cumming in my sis's mouth. Greatest moment at that point, pure bliss.
Andrea swallows it all, Alexandra didn't notice anything. Andrea gets behind me, strokes my cock and whispers want me to eat her pussy? I'm rock hard instantly. I want to say yes, but don't know what will happen. In my sex drunk stupor I say yes, eat her pussy sis. I pull Alexandra a little over the edge. Andrea gets down on her knees between Alexandra's legs. Eating her. I take the image in and can't believe this is happening. Alexandra is coming hard, I don't know how much. Andreas legs are open so I go to the floor and lick her juices up. She grabs my hair after a few licks and motions no... I couldn't think straight and the only option I saw was Alexandra's mouth. I walked to the other side of the bed and moved to Alexandra. Her eyes closed climaxing, grab her hair and pull her face up, she opens her eyes, mouth opens and starts sucking my dick. I could see the confusion in her eyes. She stopped sucking only to cum again and turning around seeing Andrea. Im sitting on my knees on the bed, Andrea between Alexandra's legs and Alexandra is lost for words.
Alexandra pushed herself up and tried to speak but I pushed her towards my cock. She didn't object and sucked me hard. I motioned Andrea to come over here. Alexandra watching her move closer. I think my sis got the idea and lay down next to Alexandra. I grab her hair too and pull Alexandra off to have Andrea continue the work. Alexandra got up rubbing her pussy. Still in disbelief. I told her to eat my sister's pussy. She looked at me, at Andrea. I took her hand and put Andreas hair in her hand. I asked Andrea to spread her legs so she could be reached. Alexandra moved my sisters head up and down, like she knew I liked. I kissed my gf. My gf let Andrea go and started to move away. I stop Andrea have her turn on her back and get to my gf. Having seen my dad's tapes I knew what I wanted. Have my gf eat my sister. Andrea stayed still. I whisper to my gf I want her on her hands and knees. I enter her and push her to the edge of the bed and Andrea came closer. My sisters pussy smelled great and was soaking wet. I start eating her pussy and my gf looked away. I said it wasn't fair for my sis she made you cum, you got to return the favour. Thus we both ate my sisters pussy. Almost forgetting I didn't have a condom on I look at my sister, she knows that face. I pull out of Alexandra and she watches as I pour my seed in my Andreas eager mouth, swallowing it al.
Alexandra was uncomfortable after, so we got clean and talked alot. She didn't think this was okay, but she did enjoy it. I told Alexandra we didn't have to do it anymore, but Andrea came in naked and said she wanted to continue. She wanted more. I turned to Alexandra thought she'd be gone now. To just stand there and see her be doubting, what to do? My sister took her hand and pulled Alexandra to her. She whispers something in her ear, and Alexandra smiled. Up to this day they refuse to tell me what was said. But she nodded. Dropped everything she had gathered and crawled to me. My sister shot me a wink and sat on the bed opening her legs wide. Alexandra now on her knees before me said I should eat my sisters pussy if I wanted to. I must have looked like a deer in headlights. I moved to my sister and smelled that amazing pussy. I got to town and when I did Alexandra took my cock in her mouth.
So went by a couple more days. Till my mom got back. The last day was spent doing laundry and all that. Now we talked more about what we liked with us three. Alexandra eats pussy but only because it delights me. I do it all, because I like it all, Andrea wants me as much as possible, she does anything to make her little brother happy. We told Alexandra how it started. She didn't seem bothered anymore at that point. She had loads of questions though. We answered as well as we could. In the end I get to fuck and eat my sister and my gf. We made arrangements. Alexandra isn't a fan of swallowing so my sister does it all. If my Andrea isn't here, Alexandra will. I get to eat, finger and fuck both my girls, but they'll share me equally between eachother if both are present, basically I get used.
Now that has been years ago. Alexandra is now my wife. We don't want kids and don't have any. Maybe later? We still have sex with my sister, we want to daily, but agendas aren't always compatible. Sometimes I just fuck my sis. My wife will call and ask me if I'm cumming in my sister again and that I should save some for her. It's turned into a crazy triangle where we all 3 are super happy. Nobody knows but us 3. Some might expect something but probably not that I'm cumming in my sister that often. My sister never has or had boyfriends, just her little brother, claims she doesn't need another. My sister is still jealous of Alexandra, but I make sure she gets a little more attention sometims. Alexandra's sex drive isn't as high and she's fine with Andrea getting a little more sometimes. Alexandra even edges me to go to her.
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2020.09.24 04:08 greycar99 I am getting top surgery in a month-ish and I found out yesterday!!!

I just really want a place to write everything out because I know I liked reading these when I was searching for answers. So I have been out for 6 years, on T for 3 years, name changed for almost 2 years, and getting top surgery at the end of October. I have known I have wanted surgery for as long as I have realized I am trans. (oh I am 20 almost 21 btw) I got on T a few months before I turned 18 but I have always tried to figure out how to get surgery but money has always been an issue. I have been saving for it seems like ever and so in May I decided to find a therapist who could write my letter.
I found a lady I really like and I am still seeing her. It's all online and she's super nice and supportive. I started seeing her on 5/15/2020 and on 6/12/2020 she wrote my letter. Out of looking at what feels like every surgery result on the internet, I decided to go with Dr. Mosser in California. From YT videos he seemed to have the best bedside manner (which is really important to me because I want to feel comfortable ya know?) and I loved his results. His website too is...wow. Literally, everything you could possibly need is on there and I like that you do not have to go searching for answers. So I emailed them my letter, my insurance card (bc I wanted to see if insurance would cover it), and a picture of my ID on 6/16/2020 and then called them on 6/17/2020. When I called the lady that schedules stuff was busy but they called back within the hour and the next consult date was AUGUST FREAKING 26TH. I was sort of heart broken but he's becoming a more popular surgeon and if I had waited this long I can wait 70 more days.
I had to submit pictures of my chest as well. I was really nervous about this and the only person I felt comfortable asking was my mom and she's my biggest cheerleader but I know surgery talk makes her kind of uncomfortable. I asked her and she was fine with it and it really wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be. I submitted those pictures to the website thingy and waited.
A week before my consult, I had moved in at college and it was before classes had started so I was wandering around campus, and my phone rings. And it said "Dr. Mosser's Office" I swear I almost pooped my pants. I thought I had messed up the date and I wasn't close to my dorm, I didn't want random people on campus to hear me! Turns out I got an email from a lady from his office saying she was going to call and confirm my information but it got sent to my spam and I didn't see it until after. She basically just asked what meds I was on, if any, weight, just confirming stuff lol. It didn't take long but it sure scared the crap out of me.
August 26th came and I was so freaking nervous. I was at my grandparent's house pacing waiting because they said he would start calling patients at 9:45 PST but I live on the east coast so it was 12:45 my time and I was so IMPATIENT!!! When my phone finally rang, I literally just stared at it for a minute. I didn't know what happened but it honestly was like 10 seconds but it felt like 8 years and running down the hallway at my grandparents to close myself in the computer room so they wouldn't hear.
It literally was a 5-minute phone call but this man was so nice. He asked what did I expect from the surgery and what I wanted my chest to look like and it was just really nice. Later that day I received an email from his office saying they had submitted all of my notes from the consult with the other stuff I had provided to my insurance and it could take up to 4-6 weeks to hear anything and if they denied we could appeal and after the 2nd appeal insurances normally said yes. That scared the crap out of me. I know my insurance covers surgery and he's partnered with BlueCross Blue Shield so I knew they would approve it but the question was in-network or what level of out of network.
I have been just waiting since then. It sucks. At least when you have a date, you have something to look forward to but just aimlessly waiting SUCKS. On Tuesday's, I don't have a lot going on. So I woke up yesterday 9/22/2020 around 10 am and went to the bathroom because I was about to pee my pants and had all plans to go back to sleep because I was tired. I got up and sat at my desk to check my email because I was waiting on one from my professor. My phone rings and it's from an out of state number but not California and I normally wouldn't answer but I felt inclined to. It's this lady "I am from *my insurance* and I am calling you today to talk about your benefits" I almost interrupted her to be like "ma'am my mom holds the policy not me" but then she says "I am here to discuss your recent claim for benefits" and then it clicked. Holy crap this was about surgery and it hadn't even been 4 weeks. She finally said "oh you've been approved for surgery" and I DIDN'T KNOW!! and she was like "well congratulations, they have tentative dates in here from October 29th to January 29th, 2021." excuse me WHAT?! She gave me my case number for approval and her phone number if I had any more questions and I was in shock. This random fricking Tuesday, I just wanted to go back to sleep but I was too amped up to even think about sleep!!!
It was like 10:30 at this point and Dr. Mosser's office doesn't even open until noon my time and I had class at 1:15. I didn't think it would take longer on the phone but I didn't want to call them immediately when they opened so I waited until after class at 2:30. I got back to my room and I called. They comfirmed I had been approved and then transferred me to the scheduling lady. When I had my consult, Dr. Mosser told me they were hiring another surgeon soon and that would cut down on the wait time. The lady was telling me dates for Dr. Mosser and the earliest he had was in June of 2021. Then she said the other doctor, Dr. Facque (fake-way) had avaliablity at the end of October and through October, Dr. Mosser would be in the operating room as well. I was in shock again and asked if I could call back to schedule and she was like "of course." so I called my mom (she is the one going with me to California) and did some googling and called back. I picked the end of October date and then we set up my other appointments: a virtual pre-op in early Oct which is also the payment deadline, my in person pre op 2 days before surgery, my surgery date, and my post op to get drains out date and time. Since Dr. Facque is still new to the practice, he did not have a schedule yet of when he would be in the office so she said she would call me back in 2 hours after talking with him to make sure the appointment times for pre-op would be okay. In that time, I found an Airbnb VERY close to their office and booked my plane tickets. Literally not what I expected on that morning when I woke up about to pee myself but I am not complaining. Holy crap life doesn't feel real.
I swear I am having a good year only because I watched Phineas and Ferb as a new years' resolution.
She called back as she said and we confirmed the times and said Dr. Facque would call me tomorrow to have a mini-consult with him and he did call and he's super nice as well. I go by my middle name (it's a family thing) and almost at the end he goes, "wait, I might need to apologize, do you go by *first name* or *middle name*?" because he was calling me my middle name the whole time which is correct. And I tell him yeah I go by my middle name but that made me smile and I know I am making the right choice. The nice scheduling lady said she is going to call tomorrow to make sure I want to go forward with Dr. Facque after the call tonight and I definitely do.
Holy crap, this is literally happening so fast. I have never had surgery, never been on a plane, never spent this much money, or even planned my own trip before and I am about to have major surgery and go on 4 planes within two weeks of each other. I also contacted Disability Services at my school and they just need a letter from my surgeon with the date and recovery plan for them to send an email to my professors. Most of my stuff is online and I am ahead in 2 of my 5 classes. I am more concerned about deadlines and stuff because I know I will not want to do anything that week I am in California nor do I want to push myself too hard. My 8:30 am class will temporarily become my 5:30 am class so ... yeah. At least they are already recorded because of the pandemic lol. I am so excited and so ready for this. I will feel better when everything falls into place with school and work. Oh, I do not even want to think about work right now. I work retail and just transferred locations because I just started college and so I do not even know these people, I am stealth, and I have to request a large amount of time off when I already only work weekends...I am not an asshole but I sure feel like one. Literally less than 40 days now...what the heck is life? Please comment any question and I will be willing to help if I can. I know I liked reading these things to know what to expect but could never find many so I hope I am helping some kid out there. Hi, things do get better, sometimes you just gotta kick @$$ to get there :D
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2020.09.23 23:07 ThrowRAishouldbewrkg How do I (27 F) know if he (28 M) likes me back? I'm sick and tired of not knowing

So I (27, F) have been crushing on this guy (28, M) for almost two years now...let's call him H.
I first saw him at work and was immediately drawn to him. I found out that he works a bit far away from my office so I ran into him like once a month or once every two months, it's not that often that I saw/see him but when I do, my god...Anyway, we met like four months after I first saw him. I was at his department talking to a friend of mine and I was hoping he'd pass by and we'd be introduced to each other, and that's exactly what happened lol. Then he asked me what I did and I told him and said he and a few of his friends have a side business for certain freelance services and if I would like to join as a freelancer, so I accepted.
I've been working with him on and off because of the business, and we've been texting quite often these days but it's always purely business with a side of humor sometimes, and he even started to use heart eye emojis lol, but it's always business related. We never discuss personal lives or anything, but our conversations, even though business related, are chill and I really feel like we get along. When I see him in real life we sometimes talk about non-business related topics, but because we see each other it hallways it's short and on the inside I'm aching to keep the conversation going because it flows so well and so naturally. Seeing him is such a nice feeling, like the closest thing I can describe it as is that he feels like home, like someone I'd love to have in my life. And he's so supportive, whenever I produce something irl he goes and gets it and sends me a picture of it. He's told me that I'm one of their favorite clients, and I still can't believe it.
However, he's going to be sent abroad soon and I'm not sure when. And I know for a fact that he's single. I feel like because we're both tied to our actual workplace and our side business it's hard to admit something so personal and I don't think I can ever tell him that I'm interested in him. It definitely doesn't work that way where I'm from. And I also have to mention that bc we're a conservative country (middle eastern) guys don't usually ask girls out on dates, if they're interested in a girl they contact the girls family to get to sit with her to make things more formal and stuff.
I've had a guy ask someone about me and it's dawning on me that I'm rejecting chances of meeting other people because my mind is so wrapped up with H. I just hate this feeling of uncertainty, I just want to know if he likes me back or not. I just need closure. What do you guys think I should do?
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2020.09.23 08:56 InternetFreedomIn Don't let the National Digital Health Mission become the National Digital Surveillance and Exclusion Mission

Don't let the National Digital Health Mission become the National Digital Surveillance and Exclusion Mission



On Monday, IFF wrote to the National Health Authority as part of the consultation being conducted for the National Digital Health Mission’s Health Data Management Policy. Our primary demands are that deployment of any digital health ID programme must be preceded by (a) enactment of general and sectoral data protection laws by the Parliament of India; and (b) meaningful public consultation which reaches out to vulnerable groups which face the greatest privacy risks.


The public consultation being conducted by the National Health Authority for the National Digital Health Mission’s Health Data Management Policy (Draft Policy) has been the subject of intense controversy. Earlier this month, a petition was also filed before the Delhi High Court by Dr. Satendra Singh, a noted disability rights activist, which raised concerns about the unreasonably short deadline for submission of feedback at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and highlighted how the existing process excludes persons with disabilities, non-English speakers and people without internet access (Read more here).
Subsequent to the hearing before the Delhi High Court, the National Health Authority announced that the deadline for submission of feedback would be extended till 21 September 2020 and people could send their feedback through offline modes such as post or courier as well. It also indicated that it was undertaking measures to make the consultation process accessible for persons with disabilities in accordance with existing government policy. However, despite these concessions, the consultation process still remained violative of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016, Official Languages Act 1963 and the Pre-Legislative Consultation Policy 2014 (Read more here).

IFF’s submission to NHA

In our submission to the National Health Authority, we have highlighted five key legal and technical concerns associated with the Draft Policy and the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) more generally.
(i) Lack of data protection legislation
The submission emphasizes on the importance of an underlying legislative framework by relying on standards established by international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations HIV/AIDS Programme (UNAIDS) for national digital ID projects. Our submission notes that ensuring health data privacy requires legislation at three levels- comprehensive laws, sectoral laws and informal rules. Applying this framework to India, we demonstrate that India neither has a comprehensive law since the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 is still pending in Parliament, nor does it have a sectoral law like the proposed but yet to be enacted Digital Information Security in Healthcare Act, 2018. Viewed through this lens, the Draft Policy can at best be considered a set of informal rules which lack any statutory basis.
In addition to WHO, UNAIDS has also emphasized that national level privacy legislation is necessary to address privacy concerns associated with national health IDs. The UNAIDS Report further states that prior to deployment of any national health ID programme, “it is essential to engage with people living with HIV and members of key populations and other vulnerable groups, including sex workers, men who have sex with men, people who use drugs and people with disabilities, so potential concerns such as access to cards and care, risk of unlawful access and use by law enforcement agencies and others can be identified and addressed.” The consultation process for the Draft Policy which has only been published on the internet in English and which was not accessible for persons with disabilities clearly falls short of these standards established by UNAIDS.
(ii) De facto mandatory nature of Digital Health ID Programme
As reported by various media publications, registration for a health ID under the NDHM may be voluntary on paper but it is being made mandatory in practice by hospital administrators and heads of departments. As doctors from Chandigarh quoted in the Caravan note “It feels like strong-arming really...There is a hierarchy and we have to follow orders, even if they don’t give it in writing, if your HOD asks you to register you have to register” and “They keep asking to give constant updates on how many members from our department have registered with the health ID, and so everyone has to ensure they have registered otherwise the HOD will know, and who knows what the repercussions will be.”
The de facto mandatory nature of the digital health ID programme under NDHM can be addressed only if it supported by an underlying legislation which clearly places a bar on denial of healthcare services because of lack of a digital health ID, and prescribes strict penalties for erring government officials who make use of such health IDs mandatory.
(iii) Linkage of Aadhaar with Digital Health ID
The use of Aadhaar number for the purposes of authentication of identity at the time of registration raises serious privacy concerns about linkage of a person’s health data with other databases, and it increases the likelihood of the National Digital Health Ecosystem being connected with systems beyond the health sector.
Additionally, the non-inclusion of official identifiers like Aadhaar number within the definition of sensitive personal data under the Draft Policy is inconsistent with the government’s own Personal Data Protection Bill and may lead to inadequate protection being provided to Aadhaar details shared by participants in NDHM.
(iv) Risk of re-identification of anonymized data
The Draft Policy does not adequately address concerns about reidentification of de-identified or anonymized health data which is now widely understood to be a real threat. For instance, researchers have been able to re-identify 43% of known patients by matching de-identified data sets against news reports. Researchers have also found that 87% of the population in the United States can be uniquely identified based on only three characteristics - ZIP, gender, date of birth - and proven that any data set which includes these highly identifying characteristics cannot not be considered anonymized.
(v) Threat of data breaches
Executives in the healthcare sector have recognized the cybersecurity risks posed by the NDHM. Further, India has a past record of breaches of sensitive personal data like financial information. For instance, in 2016, 3.2 million debit cards were recalled by various banks due to a data breach. Any similar leak of sensitive health data collected as part of NDHM would cause severe and irreparable harm to millions of citizens which cannot be quantified or compensated in monetary terms. For this reason, it is essential that independent technical experts are provided more time to thoroughly scrutinize the National Digital Health Ecosystem’s technical design and there should be full disclosure of all information that is necessary to conduct such an independent evaluation.

Important Documents

  1. IFF’s submission dated 21.09.2020 to the National Health Authority (link)
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2020.09.23 05:46 Lolsmileyface13 No order number? Authorized Dealer...

Random question..... Have an aeron that I ordered through a dealer. Scheduled to arrive in several weeks however the dealer is telling me that the aeron delivery service will call me one day prior to delivery (I was given a date) to schedule delivery but that there isn't s formal order number for my order.
Confused bc I don't know what to reference for future warranties, etc.
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2020.09.22 14:00 throwawayauntie32 Found inappropriate-ish pictures on niece's Instagram page - advice needed!

Hi Reddit,
Throwaway account and I apologize in advance if this gets lengthy, but there's some necessary background info.
I have a niece through marriage who is 13 yrs old and has been in her Grandmother's custody since she was 5 (I've been with her uncle since she was 7). Her mother is not in the picture and her dad is in prison. My husband and I try to do what we can to be involved and help out. We go to her volleyball games (wearing masks of course) twice a week and she stays the night with us at least once a week. She has struggled emotionally with her parents being out of the picture and we try to be supportive. We talk to her about her feelings, tell her it's ok to feel how she does, tell her we love her etc.
Within the past year or so she has become boy-crazy. She has had boyfriends, but she isn't allowed to go on "dates" or be anywhere alone with them. Most of them she went to school with, so it wasn't super concerning. We also pay for her phone, and when we gave it to her we talked to her about appropriate behavior online, no sending inappropriate pictures, no bullying and not talking to strangers etc.
On a person's Instagram account you can select to view pictures that others have tagged them in. The first one that pops up is from August and its a selfie she took in short shorts and a bra. It wasn't super explicit, she had her face hidden (I know it was her bc the post included another picture of her face and she has distinctive hair). A boy we do not think she goes to school with posted it of her and he looks older than her but his age is not on his profile anywhere.
Reddit, my husband and I need help with how to navigate this. She clearly sent him the picture she took of herself, and she follows him currently on Instagram. She is staying the night with us Thursday and we need to talk with her about it. I want to make it clear that I am NOT trying to shame her, but this is not appropriate behavior for a 13 yr old and more importantly we want to protect her from who this creep might be!
Has anyone on here been in a similar situation before? What are some good ways to approach and move forward? We are going to block Instagram and snapchat on her phone since we pay for her service, but I'm afraid this is just going to make her sneakier / not trust us anymore. We want to listen to what she needs from us right now too, we just need some advice going into this.
This was originally posted on parenting but was removed since we are not parents or guardians. I hope this is the right place!
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2020.09.22 00:34 kirant Covid-19 Update for September 19 to 21 (3 day total): 358 new cases, 322 recoveries, 1 death

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal and today's media availability by Dr Deena Hinshaw. Dr Hinshaw's next scheduled media availability is Thursday
In an effort to reduce clutter in these posts, the updates to outbreak facilities is shown here. Of particular note, the outbreak at Good Samaritan Southgate appears to be over. However, the Foothills Hospital isn't added as the last update to the outbreaks list was on Friday.
Top line numbers:
Value Current Total
Total cases +358 16,739
Active cases 1,459 (+35)
Cases with "Unknown source" 315 (34.7%) in last 7 days (Change: -47 (-2.0%))
Tests +34,976 (~1.02% positive) 1,215,672
People tested +23,469 932,912 (~216,102/million)
Hospitalizations 51 (+7/+3 based on Friday's post/portal data) 773 (+17)
ICU 9 (+2) 142 (+2)
Deaths +1 (1x 70-79) 256
Recoveries +322 15,024
Division of top line numbers by day (where available):
  • Because of the reporting method, test numbers do not fully add up to the top line values
Value Sept 19 Sept 20 Sept 21
Cases 119 102 137
Tests 12,451 9,748 12,760
Test positive rate ~0.96% ~1.05% ~1.07%
People tested (approximate) 8,366 6,623 8,579
Hospital usage 53 51 51
ICU 9 9 9
Spatial distribution of people tested, cases, and deaths:
Zone Active Cases (Change) New People Tested Total New Cases Total New Deaths Total
Calgary 462 (+12) +8,350 374,666 +106 8,421 +1 121
Central 20 (-4) +1,735 78,297 +6 656 +0 7
Edmonton 747 (+36) +8,861 311,064 +210 4,484 +0 69
North 181 (-16) +2,588 89,588 +24 1,330 +0 34
South 45 (+7) +1,577 62,813 +12 1,810 +0 25
Unknown 4 (+0) +358 16,484 +0 38 +0 0
Spatial distribution of cases for select cities and regions (cities proper for Calgary and Edmonton):
City/Municipality Total Active Recovered Deaths
Calgary 7059 (+91) 406 (+9) 6545 (+81) 108 (+1)
Edmonton 3964 (+184) 650 (+21) 3248 (+163) 66 (+0)
Brooks 1132 (+0) 6 (+1) 1117 (-1) 9 (+0)
High River county 559 (+0) 2 (-2) 550 (+2) 7 (+0)
Mackenzie county 388 (+1) 43 (-7) 333 (+8) 12 (+0)
Fort McMurray 225 (+9) 44 (-4) 180 (+13) 1 (+0)
Lethbridge 169 (+0) 4 (-2) 163 (+2) 2 (+0)
Cardston county 105 (+0) 3 (-1) 97 (+1) 5 (+0)
Red Deer 105 (+1) 6 (-3) 99 (+4) 0
Grande Prairie 98 (+1) 7 (-2) 89 (+3) 2 (+0)
Medicine Hat 81 (+2) 9 (+2) 70 (+0) 2 (+0)
Wheatland county 74 (+0) 0 (-1) 73 (+1) 1 (+0)
Wood Buffalo municipality 65 (+1) 4 (+0) 61 (+1) 0
Warner county 62 (+0) 1 (-1) 60 (+1) 1 (+0)
Rest of Alberta 2653 (+68) 274 (+25) 2339 (+43) 40 (+0)
Other Counties/Cities with 10+ active cases (change compared to Friday, if I have it recorded):
City/County Active
Okotoks 10 (-2)
County of Forty Mile No. 8 11
Foothills County 14 (+1)
Sturgeon County 15 (+3)
Sherwood Park 20 (+4)
Smoky Lake County 20 (+1)
County of Northern Lights 25 (+0)
St Albert 29 (+7)
Spruce Grove (9 active) was removed from this list today
Schools with Outbreaks listed online (2+ cases in last 14 days):
  • St. Wilfrid Elementary School, Calgary
  • Vimy Ridge, Edmonton (added today)
2-4 cases
  • Notre Dame High School, Calgary
  • Lester B. Pearson High School, Calgary
  • Henry Wise Wood High School, Calgary
  • Auburn Bay School, Calgary
  • Crescent Heights High School, Calgary
  • Chris Akkerman School, Calgary
  • Saddle Ridge School, Calgary (added today)
  • Apostles of Jesus, Calgary (added today)
  • Centre High, Edmonton
  • Ross Sheppard High School, Edmonton
  • McNally School, Edmonton
  • Waverley School, Edmonton
  • Chinook High School, Lethbridge
  • Richard S Fowler Catholic Junior High School, St Albert (added today)
  • Springfield Elementary School, Municipal District Of Peace No. 135 (added today)
  • St. Gabriel School, Regional Municipality Of Wood Buffalo (added today)
  • Foothills Composite High School, Okotoks
Current list of regions under "watch" by the province (new in bold):
  • Calgary Lower NE
  • Calgary Upper NE
  • City of Edmonton (as a whole, plus the regions below)
  • Edmonton Abbottsfield
  • Edmonton Castle Downs
  • Edmonton Eastwood
  • Edmonton Mill Woods S&E
  • Edmonton NE
  • Edmonton Northgate
  • Edmonton Woodcroft East
  • County Of Forty Mile No. 8
  • County of Northern Lights
  • Foothills County
  • Mackenzie County
  • Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
  • Smoky Lake County
  • Sturgeon County
    Edmonton Rutherford was removed from the "watch" classification.
Spatial distribution of hospital usage (change based on Friday's post):
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 24 (+9) 5 (+0)
Edmonton 19 (-3) 3 (+1)
Central 0 (Since Sept 8) 0 (+0)
South 1 (First since Sept 11) 1 (+1)
North 7 (+0) 0 (+0)
Statements by Dr Hinshaw:
School Cases
  • 5 schools have had alerts ended
  • 81 schools with 1+ cases (total of 126 cases)
  • 6 new school outbreaks (19 total), defined as 2+ cases in last 14 days
  • 2 schools with likely in-school transmission: Vimy Ridge in Edmonton and Springfield Elementary School in Peace River
  • Again, not unexpected
  • 2 schools on "Watch" status (5+ cases). Vimy Ridge has 6 cases currently
  • 3% of all schools have had cases to date. Transmission has been identified in ~3% of school with cases
  • Sees this as a positive start
Foothills Medical Centre
  • Covid death over weekend occurred at Foothills
  • All acute care outbreaks are taken very seriously
  • 14 patients, 4 staff members in 3 units have tested positive
  • Public health investigation underway and AHS has taken swift action
  • Widespread testing is underway and more cases are likely to be detected
  • Patients with symptoms or are positive are treated in designated rooms
  • Foothills is safe and there is no increased risk for patients
St Joseph's College
  • Men's residence site on the University of Alberta has an outbreak
  • 5 cases
  • Common question is "what are cohorts"?: Small group where physical distancing can be relaxed
  • Household (+15 others), with the cohort definition being consistent for the entire household
  • Coworkers or other people in religious gatherings are NOT cohorts
  • How many sports cohorts can a child be in?: Many factors, including sport, and must be personally decided
  • There is no plan to raise sport cohort size in the immediate future (currently 50)
Q&A - Foothills
  • How worrying is Foothills outbreak?: Acute care outbreaks are always a concern. Seems to have occurred with in-hospital transmission between patients. Factors surrounding the introduction of Covid into the hospital is being investigated. Lessons of Misericordia are being applied
  • Are patients/visitors/staff not masking?: Investigation underway, so no conclusion yet. Inconsistent masking use reported with visitors and being investigated. Report of staff member who worked while symptomatic. We need to better understand why these both occurred as to prevent it from happening again
  • Is it concerning one outbreak is in cardiac unit?: Absolutely a concern - heart disease is a risk factor. Patients will be tested regularly (even if asymptomatic) and situation will be monitored closely
Q&A - Schooling
  • Comments on slow test results for students?: Wants mild symptomatic students to get tested quickly so they can get back to school quickly if negative (currently a work in progress with a lot of work going into it). Close contacts, independent of test result, must stay home because negative tests may develop into positive cases
  • Edmonton Public School has 48 staff, 545 students sent home. Comment?: Knows this has significant impact, is incredibly inconvenient, and understands the frustration. Does not want to downplay this, but vast majority of cases acquired disease in community. Cases in school aged individuals tracks with cases in community (Interjection - I think this is to mean that schools aren't increasing transmission). Asks for patience for the next few weeks as techniques in isolating are refined
  • Were there projections for school cases?: Emphasizes that projections are just a ballpark.
  • How many cases are too many for in-person learning?: Repeats that school aged cases are tracking with community spread, with the important number being number of in-school transmission cases. Education is best given in-person and has a significant benefit to the student's overall health (including social development, learning, educational development)
  • BC reduced screening for schooling. Will Alberta?: Discussion has been made. Alberta isn't far enough along to determine if symptoms can be removed without increasing Covid outbreak risk. Will watch other regions to see their experience
Q&A - Other
  • Who polices gathering sizes in small communities?: Organizers of the event, participants. Assistance and reminders can be provided by law enforcement, public health services, and a complaints website is available through Environmental Public Health. Difficult to do in real time, so if you see an event, try to give AHS a heads up early
  • Plans to change gathering size?: Not planned. Currently watching patterns of transmissions and will discuss restrictions if needed
  • Update to spread of cases in Edmonton?: 1/2 of active cases in Edmonton are close contacts of a confirmed case. Seeing if this spread in particular can be reduced. 1/3 are unknown source and checking of trends are occurring with these cases. Many cases are related to social events, but seeing workplace spread as well
Additional information will be logged below:
  • Calgary Upper NE's active cases: 100 (rose to 100 over weekend)
  • Edmonton Northeast's active cases: 101 (+7 since Friday)
submitted by kirant to alberta [link] [comments]

2020.09.21 05:37 mothermaury Bullied by business partner

Hello. I run a small pet care company in nyc. My business partner and I had a personal conflict and have decided that we no longer want to live together or work together. We don’t have a lot of money bc our client base left the city during Covid. We went from 7 workers down to 2.
My business partner has been very aggressive right out the gate. She started harassing me at home: silent treatment as punishment, absolute refusal to coordinate regular daily stuff, refusal to acknowledge any of my texts, name calling, insults, threats, talking about me on the phone like I’m not there, telling people she’s caught me stealing from her, talking about me to our dogs like I’m not there, slamming doors, objects, leaving her trash for me to pick up.
I am the only one on the lease so I served her with a notice of termination, and the harassment is now getting worse. She wears her shoes in the house and grinds/scuffs them into the floor of my bedroom (railroad apt, ugh), she piles trash into ‘my’ lounge chair, more threats, more insults, more name calling.
Anyway, the most important and concerning form of harassment is threatening to litigate against me for unspecified crimes. We both want to untangle our lives from each other and part of that is figuring out what to do with our LLC (we are a 50/50 partnership). We finally started mediating at a free mediation service, I thought we were doing this instead of arbitrating or litigating but in the middle of mediation it became clear that she still wants to either arbitrate or litigate. I do not have money for a lawyer, neither does she, but I think she’s so angry she wants to go scorched earth. I think her demands are unreasonable and I was wondering if we did arbitrate WITHOUT counsel, what my chances would be.
I was also wondering, in arbitration would I be in the same room as her, or would we be interviewed separately. I freeze up when she’s around because I am very conflict averse. :( do I stand a chance if I represent myself in arbitration? Are there cheap services in nyc I should look into?
Thanks for reading
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