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2020.09.23 04:27 borednightnurse1990 Smile! You’re on camera! 😂

Currently working on a project regarding fellow females asking about whats life like in the military as a female. I plan on it being a series that i would then plug in this page and anywhere people want to see it. To those of you who requested them, please bear with me as i seem to be suffering from an extended period of stupidity writer’s block. In the meantime, enjoy some funny shenanigans.
I mentioned some details about this story in the comments section of a post in militarystories. I sanitized it as best as i can, so sorry for any potential disconnects that may have resulted.
Unknown date, time, and location
Nah. Just fucking with ya. I was in my work breakroom just killing time till i have to go back to work. Part of my job description involves defeating lock mechanisms, rather uhm, explosively. A part of me has always been curious what its like to defeat them like a proper villain.
So i got a set of lockpicks online. Its a small 15?25? piece beginner’s set. I had just gotten past the couple of Master brand locks i owned and was currently working on defeating an Abus brand lock.
It was in this state that my immediate boss found me when he walked in to get some coffee.
Boss: hey. Didnt know you pick locks. Btw, dya have a permit for that?
Me: uhm. No?
Boss: hate to be that guy, but consider this a verbal counselling then. Break in tools are regulated and required to be registered and anyone who wishes to possess them must have training certification and licensed by the (our federal level of government). Failure to do so as a civillian is a criminal offense. Failure to do so as a military member is conduct unbecoming and subject to disciplinary actions. Your disciplinary action today will be this verbal counselling. Understood?
Me: yes sir. I will fix this right away.
Boss: good. Ah. Before you put that away, mind doing me a favour?
Me: huh?
Boss: i just filed some important paperwork with MY boss. He’s already gone on personal leave and i just realized i fucked up some details on a couple of them. (Not a career ender type of fuck up, but definitely resulting in a loss of face for him since he just wasted his boss’ time if he had to redo less than ideal paperwork.)
Boss: think you can use those tools of yours to open his office and get those papers for me?
Me: uhm. I dunno sir. I just got slapped on the dick by my boss for using unlicensed tools.
Boss: do me a solid and ill make it worth your while.
Me: okayyyy. Im trusting you sir.
Deed done. Months passed by, never saw any record of that verbal counselling on my personnel file. I thought that was the solid he promised me. Until one day when he called me to his office.
Boss: here’s some paperwork. These are temporary detachment orders. You’re chopped on detached duty to (Some school. Its the school where our federal and military LEOs take on advanced fieldcraft and investigative training). The current crop of trainees are currently in their field phase. You will sit in with them and train with them, and audit their classes for the remainder of their training. Once done, their instructors will give you certification papers, a locksmith/lockbreaker license, and a permit to possess those handy dandy tools of yours. You wont be able to get the qualification for their actual training course, but youre not a cop anyway so it doesnt matter. Plus, it will raise some eyebrows if i push too hard on sending a (my trade) to cop school. Thats the best i can do for that solid you did for me last time. We even?
Me: fuck yeah. Were good sir. Might even owe you a beer for this.
fast forward to cop school.
I learned more than i bargained for. Oh. My. Gawd. Picking locks is the least of what i expected to learn to do. First off, i was expecting to go there and be a student. I never expected that i was sent to the “advanced” class. Teach the teacher kind of thing. Amongst other things, i also learned how to:
-jump start cars manually like how they do in movies
-high risk search techniques that only super advanced operators in my job are qualified to do
-crack a basic safe
-pick pocketing
-surveillance and counter surveillance techniques, both mounted and dismounted
-in person and online information gathering
-social media sleuthing
-evasive driving maneouvres
-aggressive driving maneouvres
-PIT maneouvres and J turns
-close protection techniques
-how to modify regular clothing and accessories to hide anything you want
But those are boring stuff. I also got the chance to chill and hang out with the cops and coppettes in my “class” after hours. Those guys practiced on each other ruthlessly. There is just no pause button with them. Drills and practice doesnt stop just because class is dismissed. To bring me up to speed and get me involved with their Gladiator-like sparring environment, they taught me everything they have been trained on. It was an intense 5 weeks.
But there’s a kicker. Let’s go back a bit: all the lockpicking and breaking in portion of the course was only taught in a matter of 2 weeks. A paperwork fuck up stated that I was on TDY for 5 weeks. Im guessing the clerks assumed that since i am going to audit a class that has only one 5 week training module left, that i will be attending that entire 5 week’s worth of training, not a sub, sub section of that module. So i have the choice of:
-go back home and enjoy a 2 week paid vacation
-stay and play tourist at (town where cop school is at)
-stay in cop school
With the LOL (Love Of my Life) gone on a joint ex with the Americans, i decided to stay in school once my two weeks was over. I approached my instructors and told them about my remaining 3 weeks. Technically, they no longer own me since they only signed off on having me as a guest for 2 weeks. BUT, my end of the paperwork says that they do. So i asked if i could stay and continue auditing their class. Housing, feeding, training, and being responsible for an extra human in combats for another 3 weeks is a big responsibility so i offered to have my name taken off the berthing and quartering nominal roll and ill just live and eat at the local Officer’s Club. They agreed with a couple conditions:
  1. I can’t mention any of this to anyone, let alone the bean counters.
  2. I have to help them fuck with their trainees’ heads for their field phase.
Okay. That’s all the backstory this post needs, i promise. Youre up to speed now. So, for the next 3 weeks, i was still at the school, attending classes, hanging out with my cop buddies, and picking their brains on everything they learned. Since i was literally the only female in their class, they were also interested in teaching me about female specific fieldcraft that they only learned about in theory.
Flirting. Lots of flirting. Thats what they taught me to do. That’s not a fair description for it, but thats basically what it is. How to exploit your “womanly” advantages and combine it with your basic interrogation skills, and then use it in an “information gathering” context.
For three weeks, i was a wolf amongst wolfdogs. They took me in as one of their own, taught me everything they knew, and trusted me completely, never knowing that every single scrap of knowledge they passed on to me was valuable currency being contributed to the “fuck fuck games with future po-lice trainers fund”.
Every night we would all troop to the local bar and have a few pints, shooting the shit and messing around with each other. Every single one of those nights, i turned the lesbian volume level down to zero, and cranked the little Lolita knob all the way up to bitchin.
Every female i personally know in any combat arms/national defense/intel job has one badass female icon they look up to and fantasize to be. For me, its a combo of ScarJo’s Black Widow and Bridget Fonda’s La Femme Nikita. For 3 weeks, I was La Femme Black Widow.
Every time i step out to go for a drink with the boys, i was always in my “dress to kill” outfits: either little black dresses that’s not too slutty but show just enough skin to get their attention, tight leggings and body hugging tops, and hair always down and flipped or flicked out of my face at strategic times in a sultry manner when im talking to someone.
I have no words to describe its effects on men. Let me clarify something here. While i wouldnt consider myself ugly or even average looking, i wouldnt exactly consider myself a smokeshow babe either. Im just your regular woman. I look good while wearing some stuff, i look average while wearing some others, and i look like a disgraceful abomination to my gender while wearing my regular daily wear. Good Lord. I have a picture of myself on my worst shark week ever, just days after having a new IUD installed, and i look like even Satan would be pushing rope once he saw me.
Anyways, yeah. Alcohol + men + loneliness + isolation from loved ones + foxy lay-deh all equals to stupid, monumental lapses of judgment. While im sure those men have absolutely no intention of cheating on their significant others, or even any ulterior motives on me (they respected me enough and professional enough for that), things definitely got, interesting.
During their final classroom lecture, where they are supposed to be doing the AAR for the class, the instructors called me up front and center.
Instructor: standing in front of you is a person, can anyone here tell me something about her?
Classmate 1: oh, that’s (my rank) u/borednightnurse1990, a (my trade) from (my branch). She’s an honourary member of our course, sent here to join and audit us 5 weeks ago. She’s (my age), married to (my wife), and loves doing (my hobbies).
Instructor: all good observations. Also, wrong. Tell me, what is wrong with your classmate’s observations?
Instructor: here’s what’s wrong: she was only your classmate for the first 2 weeks. For the rest, she was a combatant behind enemy lines. Her enemies are you, you, you, fuck it, all of you are her enemies.
Here, (turns around to the whiteboard) let me show you jackalopes something.
flips white board dramatically
On the whiteboard are several very compromising items on pretty much every single person in our class i had managed to collect.
-pieces of really personal info about every single individual that i social engineered from their relatives and friends as a result of unsecured online footprints
-copies of their really embarassing MySpace profiles. Do you know that MySpace has always defaulted to public profiles because it was created in a day and age when online persec was non existent? And that 9 out of 10 people who created MySpace accounts has already forgotten their log in/pws? Maaaan. The stupid embarassing shit left locked in public view in that site is just amazing. 😂
-a PKI card. I actually felt bad for this one. I was trying to pickpocket a buddy’s wallet from his coat and i panicked so i swiped the first card i could thumb out of it and quickly slipped it back in his coat before he realized. I was expecting an Interac or a credit card and was surprised when i saw a PKI card. He got a for realsies ass chewing on this one.
-and the coup de grace: i was wearing a reaaaaaaalllllyyyy discrete bodycam the whole time i was out with them. Maaaan. The footage is a pure gold mine. I cant get into the specifics of it: but just imagine a bunch of grown men, doing stupid things only a teenager would do, all to somewhat impress a “girl” cheering and egging them on. Okay, here’s one specific thing: i was wearing two cameras all the time at two different strategic locations on my body. There is a sped up montage of all footage i collected, with a counter on the top left of the screen counting how many times my coursemates made direct eye contact with my “cameras”. Ill let you put two and two together. The end part of that 2 minute montage is a video of me mailing CDs to their wives, girlfriends, and mothers. (All pretend of course. Just for shits and giggles) 😂😂😂
Once select video clips were played in class, it was pure pandemonium. Amidst the sound of general laughter from the staff and embarassment from the students, I was pelted with paper balls, boo’ed, and at one time got yelled at for being a “ya stinkin’ traitorous Whore of Babylon!”, to which i replied by curtsying using a single extended middle finger pinching an imaginary skit against my thumb.
Fun times were had and i returned back to my home unit with a whole bunch of new friends and a new arsenal of tools and skills to add to my toolbox as a certified, government trained mischief maker.
I hope my story is as entertaining to you in prose form as it was for me in reality.
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2020.09.23 03:55 Dezkin Daily COVID-19 Report for Clark County - Tuesday, Sept 22nd

Clark County COVID-19 positives as of Tuesday, Sept 22nd:
64470, ⬆️182 from 64288 (9/21)
16-day tracking estimates:
Current # COVID-19 in ICU:
# COVID-19 on HFNC Therapy:
# COVID-19 on ventilator:
# Remdesivir vials inventory:
# Staffed ICU beds inventory:
# Ventilators available: 451 (9/21)
# Ventilators in use: 280 (9/21)
# Ventilators inventory: 731 (9/21)
SNHD reports 92.7% (59755, ⬆️152 from 59603 (9/21)) of cases have recovered.
Total Hospitalized: 4885*, ⬆️66 from 4819 (9/21)
*Hospitalized excludes deaths
Total Deaths: 1343, ⬆️15 from 1328 (9/21)
(912 with underlying medical conditions)
Not mutually exclusive conditions:
Positive Results Age Range Breakdown:
Hospitalized Age Range Breakdown:
Deaths Age Range Breakdown:
Expect weekend lag report. "Daily case counts reflect newly reported cases and may represent cases that were tested in the preceding days, which could significantly impact the count on days when a relatively large number of laboratory reports arrive in one day." SNHD confirmed they are not counting COVID-19 antibody positives into their COVID-19 positive case counts.
Majority of information is pulled from Southern Nevada Health District's COVID-19 dashboard and historical reports.
Our positives have slowed down, our recovery rate continues to rise (85+% range), but our hospitalizations are increasing. Protect our vulnerable and continue to practice good hygiene habits, including wearing a mask to prevent asymptomatic spread as mandated by Governor Sisolak (onus is on businesses, which we want to keep open, but Metro will not enforce it; OSHA is responsible for mask enforcement by fining the business). To report a non-compliant business through the state, call (702) 486-9020 or (775) 688-3700.
Doctors are doing convalescent plasma therapy treatments and are seeking plasma donors to help those in need. One plasma donation can help five patients. Blood donors can get the antibodies testing done for free.
FDA states 144 trials of therapeutics are underway to treat COVID-19. 457 more are in planning stages. None have been approved. Remdesivir and Dexamethaaone are FDA approved for emergency base use.
Nevada was approved for the 24-hour test procedure. FDA has approved a 30-minute and a 5-minute testing procedures. UNLV provides the main COVID-19 testing services. The first at-home testing kit was FDA approved on 5/15.
Testing sites require an appointment; some may need to be scheduled by your primary care physician or another authorized provider.
City Serve coordinates testing sites throughout the valley. Testing is only on Saturdays. Schedule a no-cost test here:
The antibodies test was approved by the FDA a month ago. UMC, E7 Health and local laboratories are able to conduct antibodies testing. Cost is normally $149+, but your insurance may reimburse you for the test. Check your coverage first. Vitalant/Universal Blood Services will do a free antibody test for any eligible donors.
UMC is able to process 4,000 tests per day. It is encouraged for anyone to be tested. Symptoms are no longer required. Appointment is required.
UMC's testing sites are inside Thomas & Mack Center and Cashman Field Center. They can do 1,200 tests per day, Tues-Sat 8am to 4pm. No symptoms, insurance, or citizenship required for testing. Must schedule an appointment online through UMC's website ( A staff member will contact you back to schedule your appointment. According to their reps, there is no limit how often you can get tested. Sites are walk-in, appointment or walk-up. Both sites now use the self-nasal swab test kits.
UMC updates COVID-19 test guidelines:
New guidelines are to save test kits for those exhibiting symptoms.
Expanded drive-thru testing:
See all testing locations on the SNHD website.
All CVS pharmacy drive-thru locations also do testing, no cost should be associated with this test. Validate with your insurance. If no insurance, there should be no charge.
Four months ago, the first vaccine was tested. More than 160 vaccine prototypes are being tested. Clinical trials of the vaccine were administered three months ago. Phase 1 & 2 of trial vaccines have completed with positive antibody results. Phase 3 clinical trials started with 30k volunteers; large test size of 3k vaccine test trials in the UK. Africa started their vaccine trials two months ago. Multiple sources stating to expect an FDA approved vaccine by end of the year.
Of the 100+ vaccines submitted, 22 have made the cut to go through testing and final FDA approval phases (5/15 briefing). The front runner vaccine is conducting human trails (Phase 3 aka final stage), completion date in September. AstraZeneca is prepared to produce 2 billion doses once the vaccine is FDA approved.
Government is working with four vaccine manufacturers who are in the final phases of vaccine trials, all prepared for massive vaccine output once FDA approval is given (7/31). Two of the four have in the final review phases with FDA (8/14).
Phase 3 vaccine trials for Vegas has started. Volunteers can call 702-893-8968. Must be 18+. Administered by the Wake Clinical Research Center of Nevada. Source.
Remain mindful to give our medical community the ability to focus on those in need of their expertise to survive and combat the virus.
For Nevada COVID-19 metrics, with historical spreadsheet and graph data, visit: The Nevada Independent Coronavirus Tracking or check out the link in our side bar.
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2020.09.23 03:53 DetlaS119MissesUGuys AWTAs for seeing Phishing links going around on XBOX Live, creating our own website to see how many people really fall for that BS. Then my friend getting greedy, and us making him think he'd be arrested for credit card fraud... of 4.99 U.S Dollars?

Obligatory moblie, and grammar apologies.
I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, and since it's been well past the statue of limitations on what this petty theft was. I feel it's appropriate to share here since I listen often and have fingers crossed this once upon a time buddy does too.
Cast, there is me (Delta), Juggalo, Willy, Flaming, Dilly Dilly's Mom
It's been years so this may not be totally the way it happened. Anyway, the year was 2009, my friend willy and I were probably ripping it up in halo 3 we had recently been merging or adding friends to the online group circle. Juggalo was was more recently added, also younger. Flaming was being introduced by people not in the story. Well one day, before Flaming joined, we had been talking about those BS phishing links getting sent around. Joking who could fall for that and all that jazz.
Well, I decided to make a website. It was one of those things, and it was how to get free microsoft points. Now being a freshman in highschool at the time I was impressed with how well I felt I did on the site. It was detailed. Many a fake testimonials with dates, ratings, with a modest 3.8 stars 32 reviews. I had a whole story, how we could do it, how we gave back, how we were given to. I had put real gamecodes, used, but real. So when people tried, already claimed.
Posted it up, sent to a few friends, and was like damnnnnn sonnnn check itttt!!!!
Flaming was one of these guys, well I thought it was funny and changed his info. He was suppose to send an email with his gamer tag/email/password for the account. I changed it, told the guys, made him get on a second account and made jokes about not giving it back for an hour or more. Willy was laughing his butt off and telling me not too. Juggalo was like nah he's dumb don't give it to man. Well he got it back in the end, he was a nice guy and I wasn't trying to be a dick. But like bro. You gave me the log in.
Now Juggalo, Willy, and Flaming are pumped to see how many people we can find that are this dumb. We sent it around a bit. I think one of them made a youtube video or something. Now I sent the email info to jugglo so he could check and see if anyone was sending the log in. Well Dilly, he sent one in. Juggalo hopped up in on this changed the info, and started using the account for shoots and giggles. He was using it one day and got a party intive, so he joined. Well guess who was on the mic. Dilly, we was 8 years old and crying, Juggalo said he left and was like peace.
He kept coming back and begging for his account and Juggalo said no. Well one day all of us friends are together and dilly invites him.
Juggalo: Dilly just invited me guys. What do I do?
Me: you should invite him
Willy: yeah dude, invite him
Juggalo: dude last time he cried and told me his mom would find me.
Me: no way that's ridiculous man
Willy: how could she find you?
Juggalo: you're right. Hold on
Dilly: hello?
Juggalo: this is my account now kid.
Dilly: give it back!
Juggalo: no. Hahaha haha
Willy: dude that's kind of mean..
Me: yeah maybe a little.
Dilly: I'm going to get my mom.
Juggalo: go ahead
Dillys mom: who the fuck do you think you are you little punk bitch?! I swear if you don't give my kid his account back right now I'm going to find you and kick your fucking ass you little snot nos...
Willy: did you just kick her?
Juggalo: (nervous laugh) yeah..
Me: dude you need to get off that account.
Juggalo: but how can I play this game I just bought?
Willy: on your account?
Juggalo: I bought it on Dillys account with the card on here.
Me: you did what?
Willy: dude you just committed identity theft. The fbi is coming for you bro. You just talked to her. She could find you. She could trace you.
Juggalo: what..
Reconnects on his real account
Juggalo: she can't find me now right?
Ensue the relentless torment of telling him he will go to jail.
Juggalo. Miss you. Let's play xbox and wow again bb.
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2020.09.23 03:00 MotionLawImmigration Protests Around the Country Calling to Abolish ICE Motion Law Immigration

Protests Around the Country Calling to Abolish ICE Motion Law Immigration

ICE controversies
In one of our most recent articles, we discuss about multiple controversies and legal processes that ICE has had to deal with over the past few months.
To give an overview, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is one of the branches of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and has several functions that aim to reduce, counteract and prevent illegal immigration.
Therefore, some of ICE’s tasks are:
  • Oversee immigration detention centers around the US. These facilities house hundreds of undocumented immigrants who are detained trying to cross the borders unlawfully or who already reside in the country and are detained through ICE raids.
  • Protect the country’s borders.
  • Carry out massive operations to detain undocumented immigrants who managed to cross the borders of the US without legal documentation.
  • Accelerate and supervise deportation processes.
Recently, ICE has been embroiled in a controversy that seems endless, mainly because hundreds of immigrant rights advocates and activists claim that the federal entity violates human rights and harms innocent families, who only yearn to build a promising future in the US.
Do you need to keep up to date with immigration news and policies? Our Blog section can help.

Controversies lead to multiple protests around the country

One of the most scandalous news refers to a nurse who denounces that ICE medical personnel are performing uterus extractions in immigrant women who do not need this procedure.
This news broke last week and evidently sparked a wave of frustration and astonishment among activists, critics, and immigrant communities, who are calling for the abolishment of ICE and immigration policies imposed by the Trump administration.
Therefore, several protests took place on Saturday, September 19, 2020 around the country.
Contact Motion Law Immigration and request your legal documentation as soon as possible. Don’t miss the opportunity to legally reside in the US!

Protests in New York

After this news went viral in the country, hundreds of activists took the streets of Time Square, in New York, calling for the abolishment of ICE.
They state that ICE is forcibly sterilizing women, without any explanation or medical reason to perform a procedure of this magnitude, depriving them of the possibility of having children in the future.
Initially, the protest had a peaceful connotation, but ended in confrontation between the police and citizens. This event led to local authorities arresting nearly 100 protesters.

Protests in St. Louis

On Saturday, there were also protests in St. Louis, a major city in the state of Missouri. Activists in this city also call for the abolishment of ICE and they request to remove immigration policies that allow deportations in a matter of hours, including unaccompanied minors.
ICE has yet to give an answer regarding accusations by the nurse, detained immigrants, protesters and activists.

Avoid illegal immigration!

The health crisis caused by the Coronavirus also unleashed a crisis in the immigration sector of the US, mainly around illegal immigration.
Therefore, the best recommendation will always be to follow the help of experts who can guide you through your legal immigration journey. In this way, you avoid precarious situations for you and your family.
If you have any questions about an immigration issue or relating to a case you may have currently in progress, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our expert immigration attorneys.
Simply call Motion Law today at: (202) 918-1899.

DISCLAIMER: Motion Law Immigration Social Media & YouTube Channel is made available by the law firm publisher for educational purposes only as well as to provide you with commentary on general information reported from numerous online sources. Whilst we may offer a general understanding or interpretation of the law, we not to provide specific legal advice. By using Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel you understand that there is no attorney client relationship between you and the YouTube channel site publisher. Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state
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2020.09.23 02:59 rozy18 NCT 2020: Resonance Pt. 1 Pre-Order Guide

NCT will be coming back as NCT 2020 with the album Resonance Pt. 1 on 1012 (KST), the physical album will be released from 1015-16 (depends on region and website)
Album Details
Where to Buy
*All prices listed will be in USD and will be without shipping costs and (in some cases) tax ~ will indicate an estimated price due to conversions
Please refer to this kpop post that gives a description of most of these sites, here.
SM Global Shop - U.S. Version
SMTOWN&STORE - Korean Version (Ships to a few locations, check here for more info)
Ktown4u - Korean Version
YesAsia - Korean Version
Yes24 - Korean Version
Synnara - Korean Version
WithDrama - Korean Version
Aladin - Korean Version
Interpark - Korean Version
HotTracks - Korean Version
Sound Wave - Korean Version
Cokodive - Korean Version
Kpopmart - Korean Version
Kpoptown - Korean Version
United States
Choice Music LA - Korean Version
Music Plaza - Unknown Version
Saranghello - Korean Version
SubK Shop - Korean Version
Other Options
Use these sites at your own discretion, NCT does not endorse any sellers on any of these platforms.
Please note that all of the listed sites - other than the ones listed under other - reflect on Hanteo and/or Gaon Charts. Happy buying NCity 💚 💚 💚!
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2020.09.23 01:56 ChonkyBeagle My son is a hateful incel, and I just cannot save him or defend him anymore.

My boy, my oldest child, was so good when he was little, but something broke inside of him when he was a teenager.
My wife and I always accepted, loved, and encouraged him. We pushed him to work hard and treat people with respect. I don’t know where exactly we failed him but as a father I feel responsible for the thing he’s turned into.
It started when he was 14. He had began to become withdrawn and emotional. We chalked it up to teenaged mood swings. For some reason he was just so angsty and bitter all the time. We were worried about his lack of social life and his over-reliance on his computer. He kind of hid himself in the online world so my wife and I began to limit his computer time, but he simply became more aggressive and confrontational.
His hygiene was bad, and he was always confrontational when we told him to shower or do laundry. His room stank horribly and we eventually had a huge fight over it where he physically shoved my wife and called her a bitch, and eventually we got him to at least clean and air out his room regularly on the grounds that it was our house and if he couldn’t maintain his space he wouldn’t be entitled to it - essentially we got to the point where we told him he wouldn’t be allowed his worldly possessions or privacy unless he took care of the space we all shared. the room still smelled and he was still rude about cleaning it but we could tell him to get it clean and he would do it after that.
We ended up getting a call from his school saying that a female student felt harassed by him. We were shown messages where he continually badgered her to have sex with him, threatened to “punish” her for stringing him along, sending her unsolicited nudes, telling her some violent fantasies of his, and eventually just descending into some horrid rage-filled rant about how she is just another “whore” and other things.
We were shocked. We explained to him why this behaviour was unacceptable, and I explained to him that it was ok to be sexually active but his actions were toxic and abusive.
I tried mentoring him man-to-man, taking him on camping trips and whatnot and talking to him about women and girls and trying to give him advice. I suggested he try showering, changing up his hair and facial hair styles, trying out different fashion styles, maybe going to the gym.
I told him some hard truths - that he doesn’t want a gross woman so he shouldn’t be a gross man. By gross I mean hygiene and looks. I explained to him that good looks are more hygiene and self care than genetics but he refused to accept what I said to him.
After that I caught him sniffing his sister’s panties in the laundry room - she was 12 at the time and he was 17. He assured me it had nothing to do with his sister, he said he just had a panty sniffing fetish and he pretended they belonged to girls from porno videos, but still I gave him hell for it, and he was grounded and lost his computer for 6 months. I went through his computer and I was disgusted by the kinds of hateful, racist, incel forums he frequented, the horrid things he said about women, and his save file was full of cartoon porn with girls of questionable ages. I wiped the hard drive completely and began strictly monitoring his online activity. I used parental filters to block incel sites and and porn sites that hosted cartoon porn.
The next big issue was something he did to my daughter’s friend. My daughter is 5 years his junior, and one day after a sleepover, my daughter came to me and said her friend wanted to tell me something but was afraid of what I would say.
My son cornered this 13 year old girl and physically blocked her path and touched her hair and face while making very inappropriate comments about her body and asking her if she liked to sleep naked and what kind of underwear she wore.
I tore into my son for that, my wife and I both shouted at him, and told him his behaviour was horrible and I told him then that if his actions got him arrested I would not defend him. He accused us of not loving him, but I told him the reason I was so passionately angry in that situation is because I do love him, and I want to help him become a good man so he can stop being so predatory and bitter and miserable. I told him some hard truths. That he did this all to himself and that he is the only one he can blame for how bitter he is.
I suggested he look to women his own age and he went on a rant about how it was a waste of time because women were already whores (and his definition of a whore is a woman who has had sex even just once) by 17. I called him out on his bullshit and expressed clearly that if he harassed young girls anymore I would personally turn him in.
I invited my daughters friend over after and I personally apologized to her for her experiences, I cried in shame for my son’s behaviour and begged her forgiveness for allowing her to feel unsafe in my home and promised her that if she ever felt uncomfortable she could come to my wife and I and we would always believe and help her. Luckily, my daughter didn’t lose this friend, but for safety I installed a lock on my daughter’s door.
We got my son therapy but he refused to engage with the therapist, calling him a “sand nigger” and “pajeet” and “terrorist”. His next therapist was a “chad”, so he didn’t relate to that either.
We fought about him not trying, not getting a job, and he said he couldn’t get one because of the immigrants, to which I pointed out that he was struggling because he got fired from his high school jobs for being lazy.
After those fights, my wife tried to empathize with him and understand what made him so bitter but he flipped out at her, and called her a cock-gargling whore and said that she fucked her way through dozens of men until she found a “beta-fag” who was willing to shelter her for missionary sex.
My wife, who works and contributes to the family income, who is an independent, professional woman.
Honestly, I lost it more than ever before. I had never been so angry when I heard what he said. That may be his mom, he may be my son, but the woman he was abusively tearing into is my god damn wife. No one can treat my wife like that.
I am ashamed to say in my anger, he shoved me and I physically retaliated, shoving him back, and pinning him against the wall. I felt ashamed of myself, I have never been an angry or violent person, but I couldn’t control myself. I’ve never put my hands on either of my children in such a way in my life, I hate child abusers... but this boy was no child. He was a grown man.
He was intimidated and backed down, and for a while he was peaceful.
The last straw was this week.
My daughter has dated 3 people her whole life. A boy, a girl, and now another boy. We were as open about sex with my daughter as we were with my son. We asked if she would like to have a question-free steady supply of condoms left in her bathroom drawer, and if she wanted to get on birth control. She said no to both questions with her first boyfriend. She never really brought him home but we met him at one of her recitals. When she had a girlfriend she went over to her house all the time, and didn’t want to bring her to the same house her brother lived in, a sentiment I understood.
But her most recent boyfriend has a lot going on behind the scenes in his family. He’s a nice boy but his mom is a single mom of 4 and they struggle.
This boy started coming around a month after they got together. I like him. My daughter is happy with him. He treats her with respect. He is an intelligent boy. He’s an absolute gentleman. He’s respectful and polite in our home. He calls me sir, calls my wife Ma’am, he offers to help with the cooking or dishes or cleaning while he’s visiting, he talks to us, he’s a bit of an amateur cook himself and brings us food all the time to say thank you for taking care of him, when we go out for dinner he always offers to pay for himself and my daughter (though I know he doesn’t have much money so I always pay). When getting out of the car he opens the door for my wife and offers her his hand (he sits behind her for leg room). He holds the doors, when we leave somewhere he helps my daughter put her jacket on like those sweet old fashioned couples.
This young man works hard, and gives what little he has to his mom and siblings. Like I said, I really respect the boy. I offered him money once for groceries for his family but he turns me down and says he would feel guilty accepting my money like that. He’s appreciative of things - in the winter, it was -20 and he had only a hoodie, so I draped my jacket over his arms, and I said “take it son, it’s cold.” He had tears in his eyes as he said thank you, and I made some excuse about wanting to get rid of the jacket and told him he could keep it if he brought cookies for us next time he visited.
When Christmas came along, I invited him over for supper, and when I went to pick him up I delivered some presents for his family, and on the ride back to my house we had a moment. He was crying because he didn’t have much to give us - he got everyone in our house a present but he cried anyways because he felt it wasn’t enough to make up for what we gave him. I pulled over, and I just hugged him, and I said to him that it wasn’t the value of what he got, it was that he got us anything at all. I thanked him for treating my daughter so well, and I told him he would always be welcome in my home.
My own son didn’t get us anything for christmas, not even a card bought with the money we give him. This boy got my wife and I matching wine glasses since we like to share a bottle every now and then.
My son didn’t eat with us. He pillaged the food table and ran away to his room alone while my daughter’s boyfriend met my sister and her family and my parents and my uncle. They all told me how charming he was and how polite he was. Meanwhile after dinner my son told my 5 year old nephew “fuck off Faggot” for asking to play a game with him. A man over 20 years old.
Last week, my wife and I went out for an evening to ourselves. We went to dinner, then we went to an upscale bar to play some pool, then we went home.
When I walked in the door, the kids were screaming at each other. I came in to see my son and my daughter’s boyfriend fighting. The boyfriend was just pushing my son back and trying to redirect him, my son was throwing punches and charging him. My daughter was crying and sitting against the wall clutching her face. I got between them and pushed them apart, and demanded to know what was happening.
My son went on a tirade about how he found birth control pills and heard “whore” sounds from her room, so he kicked open her door and discovered them having sex, he said he couldn’t believe his own sister would “be a nigger’s whore” and called the poor boy a monkey and other things.
My wife got my daughter and her boyfriend out of there and I yelled at my son for how he was acting. Eventually I got nowhere with him so I made him wait in his room. I went to talk to my daughter. I apologized to her boyfriend, crying as I did, telling him that I hope he could forgive me for letting this happen. He said he was sorry for getting violent but that he only did it because my son hit her. My daughter cried and said he was a psycho and threatened to rape her, and that he admitted to ejaculating on her toothbrush and hair brush.
I charged into his room, and I said firmly that he should pack his bags and leave. I told him I would pay to have his things sent to him, wherever he went, but that he was leaving tomorrow.
My wife stayed at my sisters, and my daughter and her boyfriend spent the next few nights at his place.
The next day I practically threw my son out of the house kicking and screaming.
I took his key back and changed the alarm codes and garage door code. A day later I had a message requesting some of this things - mostly his gaming stuff - be delivered to some strange apartment block I didn’t recognize a couple of towns over. A college aged man buzzed me in and I delivered the stuff. I didn’t see my son.
My wife and I then went through his room. My daughter’s boyfriend came over and helped me move his furniture to the garage. We threw out his mattress and some other more gross and smelly things, and we took out the carpet to be replaced.
Hidden in the closet was a treasure trove of my daughter’s underwear, so saturated with old, moldy semen that they were as hard as bricks. The unnerving part was that there were a few pairs my daughter was adamant didn’t belong to her. And they were too small for my wife. It was possible he stole them from my nieces.
There was a sketchbook containing graphic drawings of my son violently raping different women and keeping little girls chained up in some kind of sex dungeon. I went through his old phone that was still working, and all his photos were screenshots of my nieces and their friends in their bikinis, lots of cartoon porn, lots of red pill and incel and Trump memes. He still had messenger, so I checked his messages, most of them were just him trying to harass women and underaged girls.
I checked his Email and... much to my disgust, he stole private photos of my wife from her phone, and he was selling them.
Today, I went to the police with everything and told them everything.
I gave my baby boy everything... I don’t know why he went down this road. But I’m just so sorry I failed him. I don’t know what the police will do... but I hope they stop him before he hurts someone else.
The sad thing is... yesterday, once it was all over and settled, yesterday we had a wonderful day. One of the happiest we have ever had.
Edit: there is a lot to sort through, it’s impossible to reply to everyone so let me hit the big points.
edit 2
With new replies coming in by the truckload and 3 new pm’s for every one I reply to, I am getting slightly overwhelmed by the response here. I can’t really keep up, even just reading I have begun skipping comments to keep up. I have things to do today but I’ll try to catch up every so often.
edit 3
Mods locked the thread. I am not sure why but there are almost 10,000 replies and maybe 500 pm’s to sort through.
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2020.09.23 01:45 MrsFinger FAQ/Megathread for visitors and new & existing residents. Ask stuff here! All questions about living/working/budgeting/visiting should be asked here. (w/c 09/22/2020)

Hello, welcome to Long Beach!

Visiting us? Moving to study or work? Brief layover? Moving to a new part of Long Beach? Any small questions about life here, if you're new or been here your whole life, this is the place!

We get a lot of posts asking very similar questions so this post aims to address some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, and give you a place to ask for assistance.

Words from the City:

Hello new and/or potential future residents to Long Beach!
First off, download the GoLongBeach App! You can use it to report potholes and find contact info for all City Departments. For COVID related news you can find them in this thread which gets updated with the latest Press Releases. Additionally, you can go to our COVID website for all the latest numbers.
You can also sign up for the GoLongBeach Newsletter for City News delivered straight to your email. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if that's your preferred social media platform.
- CityOfLongBeach

Where do I find rentals?
Craigslist, if you do your due diligence
Driving/walking through the neighborhood looking for "For Lease" or "For Rent" signs and inquiring with the owneproperty management

How do I get around?

To and from LAX: Flyaway shuttles from LAX to Downtown Long Beach. (General Site:

Uber and Lyft: This is pretty self-explanatory.

Metro A Line - Public Transportation - Formerly called the Blue Line. This is the Metro light rail line that connects Long Beach to much of the City of Los Angeles. General Site

Long Beach Transit - Public Transportation - Bus - This is pretty self-explanatory. General Site

Long Beach Aquabus/Aqualink - This is a ferry that sails from one end of the Long Beach waterfront to the other. General Site

Catalina Express - The boat ferries passengers from Downtown Long Beach to Catalina Island. General Site

What should I see and where are the non-touristy stuff and hidden gems?


* Have breakfast or brunch on the Queen Mary (not exactly off the beaten path, but also not to be missed)
* Walk or bike down Long Beach, or book a Harbor Tour to learn more about the harbor and history of LBC
* Visit and tour Rancho Los Cerritos and/or Los Alamitos
* Walk around (or rent a boat and row around) Marine Stadium, home of Olympic rowing competitions, or watch a rowing competition (look up the rowers association or dragon boat racing competitions)
* Dinner (fancy) at Parker's Lighthouse or (less fancy) get a sunset view at the patio at Belmont Shore Brewery


* Visit MOLAA and the lesser known Pacific Islander art museum across the street.
* Grab a cup of coffee and catch some live music while admiring the art at Viento y Agua or Portfolio coffee houses
* Check out a 2nd Saturday art walk in the Arts District or First Friday's in Bixby Knolls, or visit a weekly Farmer's market (Tuesday nights at Cherry and Broadway is one)
* Book a date for two where you learn about clay and make your own cup/bowl/plate on a wheel at Clay on First
* Make a mosaic at Visionary Artware
* Do a walking tour of some of the murals and sculptures in Long Beach
* Shop for things uniquely local at Made in Long Beach
* Eat brunch or lunch at Claire's at the Long Beach Museum of Art
* Eat dinner at Lola's on 4th street, admire the locks art there, then shop Retro Row
* Catch a movie at the Art theater on 4th
* Watch a show at the Long Beach Playhouse.
* Listen to Jazz at Harvelle's

Way off the beaten path:

* Explore El Dorado Park and El Dorado Nature Center. If you go on a weekend, look up information on free archery lessons on the Olympic Archery field
* Grab some crazy ice cream flavors from Long Beach Creamery
* Rent a bike and travel the many bike paths throughout the city/beach/rivers
* Try out some instruments or record a song at Gilmore Music
* Browse records at any number of fantastic record stores
* Try Cambodian Cuisine (or any number of other amazing foods - from pho to bangers and mash to waffle sandwiches, we have it all.
* Go to the beach (seriously- not many people do)
* Visit the aquarium of the Pacific on a weekday afternoon (tip: they feed the big sharks outside at 2pm, and you can often find discounted tickets online, or see sharks and listen to live music outside on Friday's)
* Take the murder mystery paddle boat dinner cruise

Where should I live? What's x area like?

Bluff Park and Belmont Heights are about as lovely as Long Beach gets.

Bluff Heights is a really historic and charming residential neighborhood.

Alamitos Beach is gritty, charming, and has a youthful energy and a great proximity to other areas. Parking is notoriously bad here and most buildings and homes don’t come with parking.

Bixby Knolls is up towards the northwest side of the city and has some of the city’s most gorgeous Old Money residential areas, and a lot of new restaurants and businesses popping up. It almost feels like a whole other city separate from Long Beach.

The Eastern half of Long Beach (close to Cal State Long Beach) feels much more suburban and residential, and has nice areas like Los Altos and Recreation Park.

Downtown is overpriced and overrated, but it may be your thing.

Try to stay south of 4th St, and definitely south of 7th.

So much of this depends on where exactly your job is located or what vibe you want.

Is x area safe?

Long Beach is relatively safe but can change drastically block to block. Best areas to look for are about 4 blocks from the beach, Bixby Knolls, Belmont shore , east Long Beach by the university /605 freeway, and the area between signal hill / Bixby Knolls is nice.

The overall crime rate in Long Beach is 25% higher than the national average. For every 100,000 people, there are 8.86 daily crimes that occur in Long Beach. Long Beach is safer than 13% of the cities in the United States.

Crime Map of Long Beach More Information

Where can I watch the baseball/basketball/football/fight match?

Legends, Stache, R Bar, and Roundin' 3rd are good choices.

Where can I find parking?

Long Beach City's List:
2 Hour Parking

Miscellaneous Questions:

Internet - Spectrum and Frontier are the top two. A lot of areas only have 1 or 2 options at most. Spectrum and Frontier are similar in quality with Spectrum maybe slightly coming out on top.
Here is a site that ranks them:
Air Quality -

Tips for posting:

Tell us about you - If you want us to suggest things for you to do then you need to give us a good idea of what you enjoy. Don't just say "I like music", say what type of music. Don't just say you want "somewhere nice to eat", say what type of cuisine you like (or don't like). The more specific you are the better, otherwise you'll just get pointed back to the generic guidebooks, blogs and our wiki (coming soon!).

Tell us your budget - If you're on a budget then tell us what it is and we can bear that in mind when making recommendations. There's no point in us coming up with ideas for things to do and places to eat if they'll clean out your wallet within the first 5 minutes. Saying you want something "cheap" isn't really helpful because what's cheap is entirely subjective.

Tell us where you'll be based - Let us know where you'll be staying so that we can give local recommendations.

Asking about hotels or hostels - We have homes here so know very little about what the hotels are like. Look on review websites such as TripAdvisor. However, if you say "I've been looking at these three hotels. Which do you think is the better location?" then that's the sort of thing we can answer.
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2020.09.23 01:41 Jualkyn Switching to AAT (for now) and legitimacy of job/employer

Does anyone know if AAT is recognized in Canada ? Unfortunately the MRA agreement between Canada and ACCA that allowed me to convert it to CPA has expired and ACCA no longer seems worth it for me to pursue (for now). The recognition for ACCA while it exists, it does not seem to really hold the recognition value in Canada as it does elsewhere. It also could be due to my lack of experience in the workforce and some of the employers I happened to speak with...
Nobody has heard of AAT in Canada not even the accounting professionals so I doubt it's recognized here but I have no choice at this point to not let years of my studies go to waste. I figure adding this qualification is better than nothing on my resume, but when I called AAT directly, they didn't seem to be sure and didn't seem knowledgable at all. They just said that it's supposed to be recognised worldwide in 90 countries and that's all it says with no mention of the actual countries on the site.
Also if I do decide to pursue and finish ACCA in the future, does anyone know if there still is an expiry date or would they recognize my AAT even if 10-20 years pass ? I also wonder if I would have to keep paying the annual fees to both of them for the rest of my life?
My next question is an interview at a local company that I was just offered for a junior entry level bookkeeper position. They gave me the address and the full name of the company but I can't find a single thing about them online. I unfortunately didn't get to ask yet if they have a website and I have my interview this Friday, but does anyone have any advice on HOW I can be sure this is a legitimate company ? What should I pay attention to and do research on and ask them without making it obvious that I am questioning their validity? I can't help shake off the anxious feeling as I have been a victim of employment scam before and now scammers are getting even more smart about it, where I heard some of them rent 'fake temporary offices' only to ghost after you give them all your information.
Advices would be really appreciated, thank you
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2020.09.22 23:34 MotionLawImmigration México Pide Detalles Acerca de Procedimientos Médicos de ICE Motion Law Immigration

México Pide Detalles Acerca de Procedimientos Médicos de ICE Motion Law Immigration

Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Center
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is in charge of overseeing immigration detention centers around the country. Normally, undocumented immigrants are taken to these centers while their deportation processes are completed or while they await the response to their immigration appeals.
During the last months, this federal entity has attracted the attention of hundreds of activists, critics and immigrant rights advocates, mainly since the arrival of the global pandemic, which made it possible to see the lack of safety, hygiene and protection protocols within ICE detention centers.
In fact, a nurse, who worked at one of Georgia’s immigration detention centers, recently reported that ICE health professionals are performing hysterectomies, also known as sterilizations, on immigrant women without any underlying health conditions.
This news has been truly scandalous among the American population and has drawn the attention of dozens of non-profit organizations, immigration attorneys, and even governments from other countries.
Visit our Blog section to keep up to date with the latest immigration news.

Mexico’s government requests information about hysterectomies

Since multiple hysterectomies have been performed on Mexican immigrants, the Mexican government is requesting information, details, and official reports of these procedures from the US government.
Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked federal entities of the US to present a detailed report to rule out possible human rights violations, as well as unnecessary or negligent medical procedures.
Adding to that, the Mexican government calls for a follow-up and a thorough investigation at ICE immigration detention centers from now on. Apart from that, the US government must commit to closely monitor the security protocols of this entity during the health crisis, mainly because there have also been several complaints about this issue.
Do you need help with an immigration case? Contact Motion Law and follow the advice of experts.

How can we avoid these precarious situations?

Clearly, it is the duty of federal entities to ensure the safety of immigrants while they are in their custody. However, it is imperative to remember that illegal immigration represents the violation of local laws, which can also have quite negative consequences.
To avoid these types of precarious situations, it is advisable to follow a legal immigration process. We recommend this because the US immigration system is quite broad and offers multiple possibilities for you to find the process that best suits your needs.
In this vein, the best alternative will always be to seek reliable help when starting your immigration journey. Expert immigration attorneys will be able to guide you to the success of your application and help you organize the required documentation effectively and efficiently, saving time, money and effort.

Choose Motion Law’s team for your immigration case

Our team of expert attorneys has vast experience in countless immigration scenarios and has surely helped many people in the same situation as you.
If you have any questions about an immigration issue or relating to a case you may have currently in progress, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our expert immigration attorneys.
Simply call Motion Law today at: (202) 918-1899.
DISCLAIMER: Motion Law Immigration Social Media & YouTube Channel is made available by the law firm publisher for educational purposes only as well as to provide you with commentary on general information reported from numerous online sources. Whilst we may offer a general understanding or interpretation of the law, we not to provide specific legal advice. By using Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel you understand that there is no attorney client relationship between you and the YouTube channel site publisher. Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state.
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2020.09.22 23:02 Mela05 The Witch is In. A Halloween Story of Spells, Potions, and Love.

By Karen B.
“Witches need love too”
Hello my tasty humans and happy Halloween. It looks as if I got back just in time. The decision has been made to shelve the “wealth and power” experimental potion first introduced 1 year ago to a few carefully selected humans. But the lovely citizens of earth aren’t ready for the seductive and addictive side effects that accompany this potion. There is a pandemic sweeping the globe, civil unrest, corrupt and evil politicians that want to take over the world and chaos causing devastating and irreversible consequences for all mankind if we were to allow the potion to work much longer. We will take another look and make appropriate changes in the formula, and hopefully reintroduce this potion again in the generations to come.
In the meantime, myself and a few of my sisters are making a special effort to help each and every person find once again the love in community and satisfaction of making a difference for the good of all. This is our pledge and our promise. Some have reached out and asked how are we going to help the more than 5 billion human souls living on this planet? And our answer is with proven methods successfully executed over thousands of civilizations and worlds much like this one. It’s called...
Magic my darlings, Magic!
And love but we’ll get to all that later.
A message to all who were in the wealth and power experimental program. We have arranged, at no expense to you, a 1 month retreat at the Betty Ford spa and experimental potion resort located on beautiful Lake Superior in Duluth Minnesota. There, you will be pampered and spoiled, enjoy 3 daily meals and snacks, learn meditation, relaxing yoga, daily deep tissue massage. You will have therapy sessions with world renown PhD Dr. Phil 3 times a week.
During your stay in Duluth weekly tours are scheduled to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful historic city. Among the scheduled tours is a day at the Duluth shipping canal and park. This is a must see to watch the big lake ships arrive on their way to their destination in the harbor. Toot toot! Recommended by Dr. Phil.
This year I am bringing back my most requested spells and potions. For the full price list of all my spells potions and charms visit my webpage [email protected]. Also new this year is my you tube channel. Type in the search bar the witch is in and you will be directed. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the like button. The first 100 subscribers will get a discount on any regular priced spells or potions at my online price list. Sale or reduced items are not eligible for the discount. After the holiday check out my Facebook page. I post bi weekly with news and pictures from me throughout the year. And feel free to leave a post telling me how life is for you. I look forward to hearing from you....
Now let’s get started....
The Witch Is In presents “ New for 2020 my price list for my hottest selling spells and potions”.
Back again by popular demand!! The number 1 requested spell
Prince Charming. Yes ladies he’s back in all his glorious glory improved and better than ever. My Prince is 6’3” 200 pounds ( all muscle no fat) * new this year he comes with a 5 year warrantee against sudden weight gain and muscle loss. For more details visit my web page. Other features of this magnificent specimen are big brown eyes, a full head of dark brown hair, and a smile that will have you melting like the wicked witch of the west.
As a bonus you will get the Princes majestic white steed with saddle and bridal made from hand tooled leather and fine silver in Spain. And a set for you too, if that’s what you’re into, ahem. *see disclaimer on web site. The basic Prince Charming package is $4000.00 US dollars due at time of order. No exceptions, No returns, Don’t even think about it.
The Prince Charming Upgrade!!!
Ladies life is all about choices and I have heard you loud and clear. I am proud to announce a list of “must haves” designed perfectly to go along with your Prince.
The Kingdom Upgrade!! (Because every Prince needs a kingdom to rule)
The Castle and Stable. The castle: Upgraded to include modern indoor plumbing in all 12 bathrooms. Up to code electrical, new forced air gas furnace large enough to heat the entire castle comfortably. 3 AC units to keep you cool in summer and other times. Completely insulated throughout. I know, right? There’s more. A state of the art stable for the Princes white steed, a gold tone carriage and 6 more stallions to pull the carriage. The carriage is Equipped with top of the line shock absorbing technology, a gps satellite system, back up camera, and Bluetooth enabled that will hook into your smart phone from anywhere in the stable or castle. That’s not all you also get a stable manager and trainer to keep the stable clean and in good working condition.
For the Castle: Well I can’t expect you to run and manage a 100,000 square foot castle by yourself and why should you have too? You will get 10 cleaning maids 5 butlers 6 maids in waiting, 3 chefs, and Tina Fey as the court jester. She’s really funny y’all. Numerous serfs and their large family’s to work the land and bring in the harvest. You and your Prince can live the life of luxury 6 months out of the year in the Caribbean sipping pina coladas and soaking up the sun by the magnificent pool!
The Kingdom upgrade is only $6000.00 dollars US.
But wait!! Order the Prince and the Kingdom upgrade together before the next full moon and I will knock off 1500.00 dollars on the entire order reducing the final sale to $8500.00. What?! Now that’s something to howl about.
My Number 2 most popular and requested spell.
The Princess: Update: Say hello to Gwen our beautiful new princess that will pave the way for all the other princesses for generations to come. Our research told us that she is highly recommended from a respectable dating sight. and People and Good Housekeeping Magazines give her 2 thumbs up each. Gwen has passed her physical and her "test of virginity".
Testing virtue used to mean using archaic methods that included sacrifices, volcanos, angry natives, and the toss of a terrified candidate. In the end a crispy Virgin never helped anyone. We needed a live candidate. So we went back to the drawing board and found a potion that was a 100% effective, and safe. It took time to get the natives on board. But after a friendly conversation with the tribal chief explaining the consequences of non compliance the chief and tribe agreed 100% to ban the use of volcanos for sacrifices ending a proud tradition forever. Life is about change and staying alive, right?
Guy's, the Princess is 5' 7" tall, weighs in at 120 pounds, she is 36 24 34. She has long blond hair not from a bottle(her hair color is guaranteed for 30 years not to change, fade, or darken.) Blue eyes a perfect peaches and cream complexion, and a smile that's guaranteed to make you fall instantly in love until the next morning. The Princess includes a generous dowry a 24k gold tiara and her parents the king and queen. Occasionally the parents of the princess become somewhat demanding after moving into the castle by changing the chefs menu, writing all new material for the court jester for example, and causing unwanted turmoil within your castle. This makes for an unhappy and angry staff. Before that happens and the staff starts to walk away threatening you with law suits and organizing a lynch mob text or email me. For a small fee I can make the parents disappear without the cops snooping around and asking a lot of stupid questions. The price for the princess? only $9000.00 dollars US. firm. Total payment due at time of order. No exceptions. No refunds.
“Love is in the air” with my #1 most requested potion
Love Potion #9.
You’ve demanded it, we slaved over a hot cauldron for months, and now we are bringing it to you direct. Hands down the best love potion on the market today. * see our test results in March 2020 consumer report. My love potion will make any person you are....obsessed with, stalking, losing sleep over, kidnapping or thoughts thereof, texting, tweeting, instagramming, you get the idea, become completely and utterly in love with you like they were in a catatonic state. If love is what you seek, I have the cure.
*Disclaimer. Read and be informed before you buy. Each sale of Love Potion #9 contains a strict warning. Be careful what you wish for. Love Potion #9 is guaranteed for the life of the recipient. There is no antidote, and no refunds. Only $100.00 US dollars per dose.
My second most requested potion.....
  1. THE YOUTH POTION. Tired of being old and in the way? My youth potion guarantees all the physical attributes you enjoyed in your 20’s and 30’s. Included in the purchase of each bottle of the youth potion is all your hair and teeth back in their original condition as God intended. Strength, coordination, and walking without the use of chairs, canes, or help from Nurse Rachet at “the home.” In fact you will enjoy once again the freedom and independence to live life la vida loco!!!
The Youth Potion does have a shelf life of 1 year so buy several bottles and never be interrupted by old age again. * Youth Potion does require a consultation by me and a mandatory class titled “ How to enter back in the workforce, pay your federal taxes on time for another 40 years, and like it.” So make an appointment today for the current price.
As you are aware the Wealth and Power Potion has been scrapped for now. However I have a brand new and safe alternative potion introduced in June 2020 at the National Convention of Modern Witches Warlocks and Wizardry in Salem Mass. (M.W.W.S.M.)
This potion has been tested and proven safe for human consumption.
The Bug Out, and Quick Escape For Any Situation Potion.
Here’s a few examples of how you could use this useful and effective potion. A marriage gone south. It happens from time to time. Don’t ever admit blame just one dose of this potion and poof! You get the house car custody of the kids a handsome alimony award, all without watching your x spouse have a melt down in court. Saving yourself much time and stress and all without the expense of a corrupt divorce lawyer.
Another example, a conspiracy theory suddenly is fact. You only have minutes to get you and your dog to safety. The last spaceship to Mars is full and already high tailed it off this planet. Now what do you do? Good question. Suddenly you remember the Quick Escape Potion you purchased from the Witch Is In on last years list of spells and potions. You locate it and quickly ingest it. You feel lightheaded and fall back on your bed. The room begins to turn it’s like your in the funnel of a tornado, going down further into a kind of a semi conscious state of reality. Spinning and spinning. All goes black. The next thing you know you wake up to a world full of little people and a yellow brick road. WTF? Yes Dorothy you and your little dog have been saved by a tornado and are starting a new life here well you can name it anything you want. You are safe right? Just think of the possibility’s! Starting life over again is never easy by any stretch of your imagination. If you see two moons in the sky not one so what you will get used to it. Everything you need is here. All you have to do is click your heels three times and chant “I hope there’s a home improvement store on this hell hole.” But all in all you know it’s not so bad and you will have family again. And new memory’s to cherish. And ah people who love you. Yes they dress a little weird here but you can get used to that as well. In time. So go make a new life and embrace it. Have you met Glenda? You will love her and she’s here to help.....
Just kidding. The Earth will not implode any time soon. But isn’t it comforting to know you have the option to change in an instant in any situation? The Witch Is In wants you and every inhabitant on Earth to know we are here for you and we will protect you. You can’t put a value on what is priceless. Love for each other, community and trust. That’s what is important above all else.
Well my tasty humans that’s it for the 2020 pricelist of new and updated spells and potions. It’s almost Halloween and soon I will disappear until harvest moon next year. Get your last minute orders in now. Operators are standing by. Call now and as always love you bunches !!!
Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!
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2020.09.22 22:36 bigfatbootythrowaway Very complicated situation and I need help figuring out how to feel...

So my S.O. and I have been together for about 5 years. She is the type to speak highly of clan marriages/open relationships/ polyamory... etc but our relationship currently is monogamous. I have always been more of the type to be in a monogamous relationship and have never experimented with polyamory or anything of the sort. Because of this, and because of a few conversations that we've had and some other subtleties I notice, I'm about 80% sure that she would be more open to having an open relationship with me than I would. I only mention this so that you understand her frame of thinking and how I should approach these situations based on this.
Now that I've prefaced with this, I have another preface. About a year before my S.O. and I met, I dated one of her good friends. We only dated for about 1 month and I ended the relationship because it just didn't feel like the right fit for me.
Flash forward to my S.O. and I beginning our relationship. Everything was perfect and is still perfect between us and I love her more than I have ever loved anyone. She always tells me that she loves me and trusts me completely and I feel the same about her.
I began to see my ex (her good friend) more and more often because we would all hangout together in groups to go to parties/bars/games. Everything was just fine and cordial until just recently. I started receiving text messages from "good friend" and we texted for a little bit on and off but nothing serious or scandalous for I had no feelings for this person at all. But I did feel the need to be friendly/ acquaintances with this person to keep the friend group dynamic normal and so as to not create unneeded drama. After a few months of "good friend" and I texting, they confessed they had feelings for me still. I told them I didn't feel the same way but that we should still be friends and that we can still carry on as usual. They confessed their feelings for me a few more times and I had the same reaction each time. In hind site, I should have been more straight forward with them and really put my foot down instead of being nice and sparing their ego/emotions. I have to admit, I did appreciate the attention that I was receiving from "good friend" and let them know that it was nice to be complemented. I would complement them too occasionally and this may have contributed to them having long lasting feelings for me. I think I may have been leading them on. I was always very clear that nothing could ever happen between us because I loved my S.O. but we did flirt over text.
Flash forward, I am a sex worker. My S.O. knows about this and fully supports me. She finds it really attractive to read my dirty conversations with other people online and likes the idea of people getting off to my photos/videos. I told "good friend" about my nsfw reddit profile in conversation and they eventually found my profile with my help. This is where I messed up. I did it because I liked the attention and I now regret it. I tried to justify this in my head by saying that it was no different than any other reddit user looking but I know that I was just lying to myself. I figured that in my head, I had categorized "good friend" with all of the other reddit users that I sext back and forth and since S.O. was okay with me sexting redditers, she would be okay with this. I know now that that is just wrong. They saw all of my naked photos and messaged me about them often. I told them not to pay for my subscriptions and I told them I would not be providing them with any paid content but that we could just message on reddit. We exchanged a few dirty messages back and forth but it was nothing like what I provide for my paid subscribers. I didn't want to delete my entire account because I had worked so hard for my fan base and it was a good source of income for me on the side. I regret messaging them back now. My S.O. does not know about this. I didn't think I needed to tell them about this because I had justified this in my head and felt no guilt about it. Now I just want to delete my entire nsfw page and move on.
Last thing, "good friend" invites me to go hangout for the weekend with them and two of our other friends. My S.O. had some work to do at the time so she couldn't come with us, but later on I came to realize that my S.O. was never actually invited in the first place. Presumably b/c "good friend" wanted to try to spend time with me without my S.O. being with us. During this weekend everything was fine and normal, and everyone was just hanging out as friends. Then one of the nights we were hanging out, we decided to all eat some drugs and get drunk together. We did that and still, everything was fine and okay. Then we all decide to go to sleep. I go up to my room which is separate from everyone else and has three twin beds in it and I get ready to go to sleep in one of the beds. I'm tossing and turning and falling in and out of sleep for a few hours (b/c of the drugs). At some point without me realizing, "good friend" must have come into my room because one of the times I woke up, they were at the foot of my bed touching my legs/feeling me up. They kept asking me questions like "are you touching yourself right now" and "are you actually sleeping" which creeped me out but I didn't make a huge scene out of it. I just told them that no I was not touching myself, and yes I was trying to sleep but was having a hard time and that's why I was tossing and turning so much (b/c of the drugs). They pulled down my pants and bit my butt and licked me. I remember saying "no" over and over again. Nothing else happened after this, they eventually stopped and apologized to me. Then I eventually fell asleep. My S.O. does not know about this. I have been afraid to tell her about this because I didn't want the word to spread among the friend group and I didn't want to create drama. I also just didn't want to hurt my S.O. because they were still good friends with one another. And I felt a little guilty for leading "good friend" on with flirty text messages and by leading them to believe that I wanted them to make a move on me when I didn't.
Since this, I haven't responded to any of "good friends" text messages. We haven't talked at all and I have no problem with this. I wanted to stay friends with them because we all hangout together and I try to be friends with everyone, but lately we haven't been hanging out very much as a group so I haven't been talking to them much (since COVID) and I have no problem never speaking to them again.
I was going to keep these two things to myself because they are very circumstantial and it doesn't necessarily feel like cheating to me but I'm so unsure if I should feel differently. The entire time this has been going on, it has been very clear to me that I only want to be with my S.O.. In my head, I thought that by playing it cool and keeping things so nonchalant that I was taking away the power that the situation could have had. I was taking away the excitement for "good friend" by being friendly and flirty but by being clear that I love my S.O.. And my S.O. has always trusted that I love her and will be honest with her. We have a very healthy and happy relationship and so I never felt any guilt about these things.
But, now S.O. and "good friend" have been having their own issues and are basically not friends anymore. S.O. thinks that "good friend" has been especially mean and rude lately. Idk why "good friend" is upset with my S.O. but I assume its because of me... so I asked "good friend" if their falling out has anything to do with me but they said no. I also asked my S.O. if their falling out has anything to do with me and she also said it didn't. They've been arguing all day and my S.O. was going to bring up that "good friend" has in fact not been a good friend because they've been hitting on me (I told my S.O. that much). Now I'm worried that "good friend" will reveal these things to S.O. and my S.O. will be upset with me for not sharing this information with her. I didn't feel guilty before all of this but now I do feel worried that I may be hurting my S.O. I don't know how badly I've messed up and what I should do.
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2020.09.22 22:31 Ithopeful8488 Client notification not working, everythign else is

I inherited an environment in which I'm having some issues. This post is about half of our servers not reporting client activity correctly.
In the console, the icon doesn't show online as online but they do have the 'SITE CODE' assigned.
What is strange is that I can push software updates, and applications to the servers. If I do a 'required' deployment, the servers will apply the patches and auto-reboot at the deadline I give.
Not having the client activity work correctly, affects my reporting though. I don't get software/hardware scans, etc. etc. And in the console, since they show as unmanaged, there are no dates there. Indeed, in Resource Explorer, one can see that there aren't any.
On the clients, I have checked the following: LocationServices.log, everything seems fine here. The MP and boundary groups are correct. ClientLocation.log file, and it sees the MP and gets assigned a site code. ClientServicing.log, the client on the server was updated via 'client push' automatically. I have checked the firewall rules, but HTTP is allowed. If I push the client software manually, it pushes like it should.
Does anyone know what else I can try?
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2020.09.22 21:16 jcravens42 established, credible cross-generational online conversation program

Sages & Seekers is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that combats age segregation and social isolation through meaningful conversation. Prior to the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, its signature eight-week program took place in-person. In it, older adults packed with wisdom (Sages) are matched with young people looking for mentors (Seekers). Shortly after COVID-19 hit, by necessity, Sages & Seekers introduced the online version Robinson and Brennan are in: “Quarantine Conversations.” Now, over the course of four weeks, five intergenerational pairs meet together online as a group weekly for one hour. They break into pairs for 45 minutes of that time, to allow for more in-depth conversation and relationship building. So far, there have been 16 of the online programs. There is a long wait list of older adults ready to participate once more students find out about the program and enroll.
“Teens and older adults are the two loneliest age groups in America,” says Elly Katz, executive director of Sages & Seekers. “For the past ten years, we’ve been connecting these marginalized groups, and the pandemic is increasing isolation.”
Read here about two people in Los Angeles, one male, 63 and Black, one 17, female and White, were brought together by Sages & Seekers in weekly Zoom conversations, discussing everything from sports to LGBT advocacy.
How to Enroll
-Must commit to all weekly meetings.
-Must be on time.
-Must be 14-24 years old, or over 60 years old.
-Must have a Zoom compatible device​ with a good internet connection.
If you meet these requirements, you fill out the application on the Sage & Seekers web site. AFTER you fill out the application, you choose a program date and time that fits your schedule.
Our programs fill up fast so we will send you a confirmation email if you get into the program you requested or are wait-listed. Then you:
-Fill out and return the consent/release form you will receive.
-Keep the Zoom Link so you can access your program.
-Let us know if any problems arise that keep you from attending all meetings.
Enrolling in one of our online programs requires that you commit to being present for ALL the weekly meetings because you will be paired with someone from another generation. If you are absent, they have no partner.
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2020.09.22 19:53 dontgiveaderp 29 [M4F] Houston area TX. Looking for company and friendship.

I have more hope of meeting someone on here, than any other platform or site. Reddit has been good to me over the years.
I think I'm a decent catch. I'm 29, have a solid work ethic, can fix/install things that aren't terribly complicated. I can also (hopefully) make you laugh. Even if it's at my expense. I'll take what I can get.
Im newly emotionally available. Its taken a long time to get to where I am. I have the capacity to love and respect someone other than myself. (Which is also newfounded.)
All in all, I can honestly say I've come a long way from how I used to be. I have dated in the recent past, nothing really has come of it, other than a fun time and stimulating conversation. I'm totally alright with that. Even if I gain a friend, this post will be worth it. I have no real expectations. If i make a friend or even go on a date, that would be more than I can hope for.
My interests and hobbies are somewhat varied. I enjoy Magic the gathering (online and physical), PC games (primarily Steam games, but I do have various other games on different engines.), I'm also a recreational shooter who enjoys the shooting sports. I don't drink much anymore, and I am drug free. I also love cats. I have one little girl that is the love of my life. She's truly amazing. You can check my post history and see a few pictures of her.
I listen to various types of music ranging from prog, to country, to death and black metal, to some electronic as well. Feel free to send me a YouTube link of whatever you are currently vibing on. Ill do the same.
If you think we would have something in common, feel free to reach out to me. Platonic conversation, or the possibility of more, I'm down for either.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope to hear from you.
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2020.09.22 19:52 monopolyinvestments PR Rage 2 – Find – Flip – And PROFIT From HIGH PR Domains


PR Rage 2 – Find – Flip – And PROFIT From HIGH PR Domains

PR Rage 2

Find, Flip, Profit From High PR Domains
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And did you know that such domains and many others were originally bought by regular people like you and me – and not by big corporates.
This is NOT a lucky-break. This is NOT a coincidence. It’s a REAL business and is called Domain Flipping.
You don’t hear often about it because it is quite a challenging process that required a certain level of knowledge and expertise in the field of domaining. Well, that was until now.
PR Rage has turned it into a simple no-brainer process. Learn more about it below.
PR Rage is a powerful system that helps you flip a $10 investment into a huge single sale of $500, $1,000 and even $10,000+ without any technical skills.
In just 3 easy steps you’ll start flipping and profiting from domains like a Pro.
With an increasing number of businesses needing names for websites, owners of in-demand site names (domains) are becoming millionaires overnight.

PR Rage 2

Welcome to PR RAGE VERSION 2.0!
The software is the fastest way for anyone, with no experience, to identify, research and purchase high value domains, that can be immediately flipped for a profit, rented out for a monthly income or built out to bring in revenue.
It’s a cloud based app, with a huge array of research api’s plugged in the back – to deliver information to our people in seconds.
Enter a keyword (and get google prompts for additional related keywords)
Hit go
And see immediately domains that suit.
Shortlist any domains of interest.
SET AND FORGET mode – where PR Rage will passively look for the domains that suit your profile and immediately alert you when one meets your criteria and becomes available.
Buyers will also get access to three exclusive training videos – with domaining professionals, talking specifics about HOW to make the business of domaining a profitable one.
PR Rage 2:
Find, Flip, Profit From High PR Domains
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2020.09.22 19:24 dontgiveaderp 29 [M4F] Houston area TX. Looking for whatever r4r throws my way

I have more hope of meeting someone on here, than any other platform or site. Reddit has been good to me over the years.
I think I'm a decent catch. I'm 29, have a solid work ethic, can fix/install things that aren't terribly complicated. I can also (hopefully) make you laugh. Even if it's at my expense. I'll take what I can get.
Im newly emotionally available. Its taken a long time to get to where I am. I have the capacity to love and respect someone other than myself. (Which is also newfounded.)
All in all, I can honestly say I've come a long way from how I used to be. I have dated in the recent past, nothing really has come of it, other than a fun time and stimulating conversation. I'm totally alright with that. Even if I gain a friend, this post will be worth it. I have no real expectations. If i make a friend or even go on a date, that would be more than I can hope for.
My interests and hobbies are somewhat varied. I enjoy Magic the gathering (online and physical), PC games (primarily Steam games, but I do have various other games on different engines.), I'm also a recreational shooter who enjoys the shooting sports. I don't drink much anymore, and I am drug free. I also love cats. I have one little girl that is the love of my life. She's truly amazing. You can check my post history and see a few pictures of her.
I listen to various types of music ranging from prog, to country, to death and black metal, to some electronic as well. Feel free to send me a YouTube link of whatever you are currently vibing on. Ill do the same.
If you think we would have something in common, feel free to reach out to me. Platonic conversation, or the possibility of more, I'm down for either.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope to hear from you.
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2020.09.22 18:41 MotionLawImmigration Amicus Brief Against Increase in Naturalization Fee Motion Law Immigration

Amicus Brief Against Increase in Naturalization Fee Motion Law Immigration

Increase in immigration application fees
The sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic took governments around the world by surprise and definitely affected multiple sectors of the US society.
One of the sectors most affected by the health crisis is the immigration sector, which was paused almost completely for more than two months.
However, now that services are gradually returning to normal, we can still witness the aftermath of the massive COVID-19 outbreak.
For instance, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is the entity in charge of responding to immigration applications nationwide, had to close its offices and cancel face-to-face services to the public for more than two months.
Thus, because this federal agency’s income is almost entirely dependent on immigration application fees, it suffered a devastating downturn in revenue that threatened the entire immigration system of the country.
In fact, the USCIS planned to suspend 70% of its employees by the end of August, but the resumption of immigration services resulted in positive revenue for the entity.
Nowadays, the USCIS does not plan to suspend such a large portion of its employees, but it did announce a substantial increase in most immigration applications as of October 2, 2020, including naturalization ceremonies.
Motion Law keeps you up to date with the latest immigration news.

Increasing the fee for naturalization ceremonies

Naturalization ceremonies are the last step for immigrants to permanently become US citizens and hold an American passport.
The USCIS sponsors these ceremonies, which also initially receives the applications for a thorough review before approving them.
Within the USCIS fee increase, the application for naturalization ceremonies increased from $725 to $1,200, which represents a 60% increase.
As expected, due to the substantial increase in immigration applications, dozens of activists and immigrant rights advocates do not agree with this increase, mainly because there are immigrants who contribute greatly to the socioeconomic development of the country, but have low income and cannot afford the new price of naturalization ceremonies, but they deserve to become US citizens.
Do you need to file an immigration application? Contact Motion Law and follow the advice of experts.

Boston supports lawsuit

A non-profit organization recently filed a lawsuit against the increase in application fees for Naturalization Ceremonies.
Boston decided to support the lawsuit and recently filed an amicus brief (also known as legal complaint support) on behalf of 34 cities, counties and municipal agencies, calling to revoke the increase in fees for naturalization ceremonies.
In the legal document, the parties involved state: “The rule of the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) challenged by Plaintiff in this action will radically increase the fee for naturalization applications, while at the same time making it all but impossible for most low-income applicants to seek a waiver or reduction of fees. In essence, the challenged rule seeks to impose a wealth test on naturalization.”
For now, neither the DHS nor the USCIS have given an official response to the lawsuit, nor to the amicus curiae filed by Boston.

Do you need help with an immigration case?

If you have any questions about an immigration issue or relating to a case you may have currently in progress, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our expert immigration attorneys.
Simply call Motion Law today at: (202) 918-1899.
DISCLAIMER: Motion Law Immigration Social Media & YouTube Channel is made available by the law firm publisher for educational purposes only as well as to provide you with commentary on general information reported from numerous online sources. Whilst we may offer a general understanding or interpretation of the law, we not to provide specific legal advice. By using Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel you understand that there is no attorney client relationship between you and the YouTube channel site publisher. Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state.
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2020.09.22 17:09 MotionLawImmigration "Public Charge Rule" Goes into Effect Again Motion Law Immigration

The “Public Charge Rule” during the pandemic
Broadly speaking and to give an overview, the “Public Charge Rule” states that immigration officers of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have the power and right to reject requests if the applicant could become an unnecessary burden on the country.
With this, we mean that immigrants must meet certain requirements so that they are not a burden to the local economic system.
This rule works for immigrants who plan to enter the US for the first time, as well as for those who already reside in the country, but need to adjust their immigration status or request any other legal permit.
There are some exceptions to the rule such as asylum seekers, refugees, victims of crime or human trafficking, inter alia.
The latest version of this rule was implemented in February, 2020, by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). However, the public charge rule was suspended by a New York court in late July due to the threat posed by the global Coronavirus pandemic.
The judge declared that many immigrants avoid using medical services during the health crisis because their immigration applications could be rejected by the USCIS. This posed an imminent threat to the US, primarily because immigrants could become carriers of the virus if they do not use medical services or could put their lives at risk for fear of deportation.
Therefore, immigrants who have used any medical benefits during the massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the North American territory since the end of July will not have a “Public Charge”impact when submitting an immigration application.

Court gives green light to the resumption of the “Public Charge Rule”

On September 11, 2020, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals lifted the suspension of the “Public Charge Rule” and declared that the USCIS can re-implement it for immigration services nationwide.
It means that, as of that date, the components of the rule are in effect again across the US and any immigration application will be evaluated taking this rule into account.
It is important to clarify that the US continues to be the main epicenter of the global pandemic and that is the reason why dozens of activists raised their voices against the decision of the Second Circuit.
However, despite the court’s decision, the USCIS has yet to announce how the rule will be implemented going forward and its official website has not been updated.

Do you need to submit an immigration application?

In light of sudden changes implemented in the immigration sector during the current health crisis, the best recommendation is to have the constant accompaniment of experts, who are up to date with immigration policies.
In this way, you ensure that you are choosing the right process and that you are organizing the required documentation correctly.
If you have any questions about an immigration issue or relating to a case you may have currently in progress, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our expert immigration attorneys.
Simply call Motion Law today at: (202) 918-1899.
DISCLAIMER: Motion Law Immigration Social Media & YouTube Channel is made available by the law firm publisher for educational purposes only as well as to provide you with commentary on general information reported from numerous online sources. Whilst we may offer a general understanding or interpretation of the law, we not to provide specific legal advice. By using Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel you understand that there is no attorney client relationship between you and the YouTube channel site publisher. Motion Law Immigration YouTube channel should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state.
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2020.09.22 16:54 Torid0928 My Experience with Carvana and Bridgecrest, the Warranty Company

I’ve had a great experience with Carvana, and an okay experience with Bridgecrest. Just to give some background, I live in New Jersey and I am close enough to the PA vending machine that shipping was available.
First off, as an anxious-ridden odd mix of maybe being a millennial or a gen-z, I really appreciate the idea of ordering a car online and not dealing with a dealership or, worse, a creepy guy on Facebook Marketplace. As a woman, it’s nice that I didn’t have some guy trying to tell me what fake warranty would be better for me.
I digress. The actual ordering of the car was ridiculously easy. My dream car was always a Volkswagen Beetle, so being able to look at a bunch of them on a screen with the final price RIGHT there was nice. Note, the price they give you in that little estimator IS the final price. There is no other option.
Actually “buying” the car felt like a purchase on Amazon. Even when I had to select the delivery date, I thought I was ordering a charging cable for my phone. They offered some sort of longer warranty, but I didn’t think it was worth it to be honest.
Finally, with a down payment of $3,000 dollars over my head, I waited anxiously for my delivery date to happen.
First, I DID get a phone call after I submitted the required documents (which was very easy. The website guides you through it). So, if you see an 800 number, for once, you have to answer it. The guy was very nice and was just making sure I wasn’t a fake person. He also explained some reasonable terms.
Thank you guys for the seven day return policy. That was an excellent idea. And even better that you only take the money after seven days.
So, after the phone call, they said they would deliver it five days later. Five days came, and they sent me an email that it was delayed to three days later. Was I bitter? A bit, but I understand that things happen.
The day they arrived was perfect! He was literally ON TIME, which was awesome. The delivery guy was very nice (and followed Covid rules). I actually had to take a picture of myself with my license and insurance card rather than have him physically take it. We communicated by email and text.
If I could recommend anything about the drop off, is that just have SOME car knowledge. Open the hood, makes sure hoses look good. If you’re clueless (like me), bring up a picture of the car’s engine and just give a quick look to see if it looks roughly the same. I had my father with me, a retired mechanic, and I got the head nod of respect from him. My dad did comment on the coolant, but he wasn't too worried. By the way, while the Carvana person is there, test the buttons, radio, features, etc. Anything that usually breaks inside the car, check.
I signed like two things of paper, then he was off and I had a car.
I had seven days to bring it to a mechanic / dealership and have a safety check on it. Yes, if it’s a used Carvana car, I highly recommend bringing it somewhere to get it looked over. Me being me, I went literally an hour after getting the car and took it right to Volkswagen. Immediately, they noticed the cam shack (listen, not a car person so I apologize if that’s not right) was leaking and would eventually leave to engine break down. The coolant was also very dark brown.
Do what you will with the 500 point inspection on Carvana. Coolant being brown is a big no-no, and I am shocked that they considered that okay. I understand missing the big engine thing considering you have to take it apart, but the coolant? No way.
So, with those problems, here comes using the 100 day warranty on the car. The dealership, NOT ME, deals with the entire thing. So, the dealership quotes the car, THEN calls Bridgecrest with the quote before they do any work on it. Then, the dealership and the Bridgecrest people fight it out. They decide what is covered, and then I pay the difference. If you do not go to Bridgecrest’s recommended mechanic (which you can find a list of on their site), there is a $50 co-pay to the mechanic no matter what.
They covered the big engine thing which was $1,200. To my annoyance, they did NOT cover the coolant. I paid, out of pocket, $500 even after calling Bridgecrest myself and complaining about it (a big thing for me, considering I loathe everything that is not the written word).
So, after all that, I AM happy with the car. It is my dream car, I got it at a good interest rate, and I SUPPOSE the 100 day warranty covered SOMETHING. I am really, really bitter about the extra $500 I had to spend, but to me… I LOVE THE CAR, OKAY. It truly is my dream and I love driving it.
Paying is also easy. The app is very nice and I like the autopay option.
Do what you will with this info. I figured someone out there wanted to know how everything went with COVID-19.
I am still waiting on my license and registration even after 23 days. It’s mid pandemic in New Jersey and I know that the temporary plates now last three months past expiration, so I’m not worried. The inspection sticker is going to be annoying when I finally have to do that. Ahhh Jersey.
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2020.09.22 16:32 SuperHotUKDeals Xbox Deals with Gold - Region by region comparison per game 22/09/20 [No VPN required] for Hungary, Norway and Czech Microsoft Stores

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and it's contributors. Store
Region by region comparison for purchasing games from the current Xbox Deals with Gold and Publisher sale at face value from non-UK stores using any credit or debit card (fee free cards e.g. Monzo, Starling, Revolut are obviously ideal) without the use of a VPN.
You are largely limited to the Hungary, Norway and Czech stores - the following list identifies which store is most cost effective per game and also notes where you are better off sticking with the UK store. Note - the following list may not be 100% up-to-date as the Xbox store and various comparison sites have been playing up all morning.
To get an idea of the savings to be made per game please refer to this week's UK Deals with Gold post:
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2020.09.22 15:47 FoxiiFighter My (32F) Boyfriend (30M) has inconsistencies in his stories about his day and I'm concerned.

Hello again reddit - I need some help in discerning whether or not this is something I need to worry about, and if so, how to approach it.
*Before I go any further I would like to say that my boyfriend has been in vehicular accidents over the course of his life, and at least two of them I know involved head injuries (one involved staples in his head).
I've been dating this man for 9 months now, and everything is really fantastic. We are very open with communication, and it's probably the healthiest relationship I've been in.
Over the course of the relationship, I noticed a few times where he would re-cap his day to me, and some things didn't line up quite right. They would be little details that I'm sure anyone might mix up (what time he had lunch, where a particular job site was that day, etc.). Nothing super red-flaggy.
This past Friday, he stayed out till about 11pm. No big deal at all to me. I assumed he went out with friends or something. I didn't message him or anything because I didn't want to bother him and I was content doing my own thing.
When he got home we told each other about our days. His consisted of work, going to the gym, picking up his friend and going out. Cool beans. The next day I went online to pay our gym membership fee, and I noticed that there was no log for him on Friday. Just my login. And there's no way he forgot his FOB, because it's on his keys and he needs his truck to get there.
Okay...inconsistent, but that's fine.
Yesterday, he was out until about 8:30pm, which sometimes does happen on his weekdays. He was messaging me around 7pm, asking me how I was, etc, and that he'd be home soon. Cool Beans.
He got home, and told me that his dad had been waiting for him when he got there, and needed help with a bunch of stuff including building a platform step for his house (the lumber was in the yard, so that made perfect sense). So he was there doing a bunch of stuff and then they got dinner.
The problem is, the dishes were done, he had showered, and later in his recap he said "I didn't even get a full two minutes on the couch to relax".....but...none of that would have happened if his Dad was waiting for him (When his Dad says frog, he jumps...his dad wouldn't have let him do all that first.).
My own father has traumatic brain injury and severe memory loss. Given my BFs history with accidents, I'm wondering if these little lapses in details are just a result of that, like maybe he's mixing up his days?
I don't suspect anything sinister is going on behind my back. I know the only way I can address this is if I talk to him, but I guess I want guidance on if this is really as big a deal as I think? Should I keep paying attention to it and see what happens? Or address it now?

TL;DR - Boyfriend's daily recaps have inconsistencies that I discovered through various logs and visual evidence, but I don't know if it's possibly related to his previous injuries (memory lapse) or if there's something bigger I'm missing and should address.
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2020.09.22 07:44 Tabij56 Second Marriage Prediction: Do your second marriage with perfection

Second Marriage Prediction: Do your second marriage with perfection

Second Marriage Prediction
Is your first marriage unsuccessful? Planning to do second marriage? Then it is better to do second marriage prediction. once the first marriage ends then generally one question comes in mind is there any chance of second marriage yoga in the marriage horoscope or not? Second Marriage prediction can give you a complete report about your marriage.
Nowadays the divorce day rate has increased day by day in many countries. No of Divorce rates and separation are increasing in our society at an alarming rate. second marriage prediction comes in to picture only once the end of 1st before we discussed second marriage let’s see which are the planetary combination in the marriage horoscope that can end the first marriage.
Planets Position which can give Divorce and separation in Astrology
The main agents of Divorce or separation in astrology are Mars, Rahu, Sun, and Saturn. Saturn is the least disadvantageous in the case of Separation. Saturn gives pain and suffering but does not allow a person to break or come out of the relation. If Mars, Rahu, or Sun is present in the eighth house it is a strong indication Separation. The presence of disadvantageous Planet like Sun and Rahu is Very detrimental for Marital Happiness. Some people will be surprised to see the name of the Sun. But yes, the sun is very much detrimental to Marital Happiness. Second marriage prediction is a branch of astrology that can drastically help you to pursue a successful marital life. The best astrology marriage prediction will suggest the perfect candidate, age, time to get married, and also, they can predict whether your marriage will succeed or not. So, it is always better to do marriage prediction before you stuck in a marriage bond.

Marriage age prediction by date of birth free online

Online Marriage prediction’ the name itself defines the broadcasting about your marriage details. Marriage prediction date birth is a part of Indian astrology which puts various advantages in your marriage life. Nowadays it is very common in doing marriage prediction and it is very useful for everyone. It can give you all details about your marriage and future life partner like:
  • Perfect age and date for your marriage
  • Possibility of divorce in your marriage
  • Whether your future is going on love marriage or arrange marriage
  • Indicates the progeny prospects so that you can plan well accordingly.
Age is one of the important factors which is considered before marriage. In our Indian culture marriage is happening in the grown-up period. In some cases, there is a specific age factor that is there like: in even number age individuals don’t get married and much more and this factor also puts impact in our marriage life. So as to get an exact age number for your marriage you can take the guide of marriage age prediction by date of birth free online service. They can take care of your concern inside and provide the best solution which is helpful for your marriage life.

Marriage Problem and Solution with Astrologer

Marriage is the legal formation of two couples with each other with the belief and understanding. Marriage has an emotional touch and feeling between couples. In India and across there are many cultures and religions, so the trust of the individual is different. Sometimes your partner extra after breaking your heart, then your marriage becomes as a meaningless, then marriage problem solutions branch of astrology support you in a better way, because conflicts and misunderstanding are part of married life. if we solve them at the right time and right way then no issue but on the opposite, it generates a big gap between marriage life. The Most experience and rewarded our Free Marriage Horoscope astrologer is the speechless solution of your problem and the uncountable problem they easily solved.

Vashikaran Specialist in Delhi

Vashikaran is one of the spiritual magic, which is used to solve the problem of the people. Vashikaran is coming from two small Sanskrit words “Vashi” and “Karan”. The actual meaning of Vashi is control and the Karan method is used to get control over some person. there are many people today those who are using this method to bring happiness and joy in their life. The person who knows the vashikaran and used never has to worry about their future. Nowadays many people use vashikaran today. Vashikaran specialist in Delhi is an expert in this magic and he always helped many people to live a life happier and healthier.
Love Problem Solution in Delhi solve all sorts of problems either it is a personal or professional or social problem. Below is some list of the problem which can be solved within the short time of period: -
  • Love marriage or inter cast Problem
  • Childless or childbirth Problems
  • Family Issue
  • Financial Problem
  • Property Dispute
For more details visit our site or call on + 91 9776190123 for further queries.
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