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UDM Pro and AT&T Uverse BGM320

2020.10.21 13:34 map-6346 UDM Pro and AT&T Uverse BGM320

It took some experimentation and a sleepless night, so thought I'd share the steps I took to get this configuration up and running.
Equipment: UDM Pro, now at 1.8; shipped with 1.6. BGW320-500 Router from UVerse.
  1. Get the BGW up and running. You should already be there if your AT&T network is installed. I'm assuming the default settings in the below instructions.
2). Plug the UDMP into the BGW via an Ethernet cable. I used the blue port on the BGW, but any of the yellow ones should do. You have to use port 9 (WAN) on the UDMP.
3) Turn on the UDMP, and wait for the setup status window to be displayed. No point in connecting with the app yet, you just want the MAC address that it displays. If you're not familiar with MAC addresses, it is the string of tiny numbers displayed on the second line of the status window of the UDMP. It will be 6 hex number pairs separated by ':' - for example 74:AC:FF:AB:93:16.
4) The MAC address displayed is for eth0. However, you connected the UDMP to the BGW via eth8 (AKA port 9, since the first port is port 1). The MAC address for eth8 is obtained by adding 8 to the MAC address displayed - remember this is hex math. So if the MAC address displayed on the UDMP is 74:AC:FF:AB:93:16 as above, the MAC address of eth8 is 74:AC:FF:AB:93:1E because 16 + 8 = 1E.
5) Log into the UVerse router at Navigate to the Firewall IP Passthrough page. (This should be at You will need the BGW access code, which is on the back of the device. This is not the same as the Wifi password.
6) Change the allocation mode to "Passthrough", the Passthrough model to "DHCPS-fixed", and the Passthrough Fixed MAC Address to the value you calculated in step 4. Save the changes.
7) Navigate to the Home Network Subnets & DHCP page on the server. (This should be Because the UDMP really wants to own the network, you have to change the BGW to a different one. Change the Device IPv4 Address to, the DHCPv4 Start Address to, and the DHCPv4 End Address to Save these changes.
8) Your connection to the BGW will be lost; this is because the device is no longer at You just moved it to Reconnect to the BGW from there, and go to the Device Status page. (This should be at Select "Restart Device". This will restart your network and take you offline for about 5 minutes.
9) If all goes well, you can now set up the UDMP. You might have to unplug the UDMP and let it reinitialize itself; you might even have to hit the reset button on the UDMP and then reboot it. However, once you do these things you should be able to get up and running.
Good luck! These instructions worked for me, and while I can't make promises (and this information is current as of the day I write this: 21 October 2020) I hope the save you some frustration.
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2020.10.20 16:59 Beautiful-Aside1965 ATT Uverse App for Fire TV

How can I get a channel guide to display? I have tried everythig. What am I miising?
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2020.10.09 06:45 Alontis Problems after v3.20.1

EDIT: After Hours of speaking with one of the NICEST technical support people I've ever encountered (Kim) and running through a ton of different troubleshooting, we noticed the issue was also intermittent on a PC that was hardwired to the Modem/Router (UVerse).
That is a PC I don't use often and so when I tested I had just hit it during a good moment.
After hours of ATT telling me everything was "fine" and paying for a Tech to come out (will be reimbursed) ATT has declared "intermittent outages" in my area and techs are on the way to my town.
I will say without a doubt, EERO has the best customer support I have ever called and they have made a lifelong customer and I will be (finally) reviewing the product on Amazon and spreading the word. Fantastic.

Woke up this morning to network hell. PC attached to EERO #3 via ethernet.
Websites take forever to load or time out. I can log into RDP for work no issues, Discord for VOIP zero issues. I can log into game launchers, but can't log in to play any online (COD:MW, Torchlight, HoTS, etc etc) fails authentication.
When the family got home, anyone with a Wifi device or cabled to EERO was complaining. Some apps work flawlessly like Youtube but Hulu logs in but doesn't load menus and has playback issues.
All of our devices that are direct connect to Uverse router work flawlessly.
Everything has worked 100% no issues for over a year, until this morning. Anyone else havign similar issues with 3.20.1?
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2020.10.07 23:18 javadave Has anyone gotten the Android app for Uverse to act as a remote for their Uverse box?

Has anyone gotten the Uverse remote to work in the Android app? If so, can you give me any suggestions as to how to connect?
My iOS devices have no problems connecting to my uverse boxes and controlling them, but the Android app always fails in discovery. I've tried multiple devices (Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL). I can discover and control my Rokus, Fire TV, and Chromecasts from my Android device. I am connected to the Uverse router via Wi-Fi. All receivers are set to default mode in the connected devices screen. I have restarted everything multiple times.
Thank you!
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2020.10.03 23:14 lucster2 XBR-75x950G Static Noise when using Digital Audio out: Auto1 or Auto2

Does anybody know of a fix for this the static noise coming out of the Sony TV Apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc) when Digital Audio out is configured for anything other than PCM. But that setting disables Dolby decoding.
This was working fine for a couple of weeks and all of the sudden the noise started while I was watching Netflix. Is this a known issue? Has anybody talked to Sony about it?
I’ve already tried troubleshooting steps in articles below including a reset to factory settings and no luck.
The sound from AT&T UVerse and Roku stick+ comes out fine but those are hooked directly to the AVR.
XBR-75x950G HDMI 3 (ARC) —> AudioQuest Forest HDMI —> Anthem MRX1120 (HDMI 1 - ARC). CeC and Extended HDMI are configured.
Any help will be appreciated
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2020.09.23 23:17 clutchy42 [Match Thread] Atlanta United vs FC Dallas (Sep. 23, 2020)

Atlanta United (3-7-2) vs FC Dallas (5-2-4)

  • Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Atlanta, GA
  • Video: At the bottom of the post. There's a wall of text on where/how to watch...
  • Audio: FCD Radio
  • Live Chat: Join our Discord
  • Schedule: September 23, 2020 @ 6:00 PM CT

Team/Match Info

Preview 3rd Degree's Match Preview Set the Stage FC Dallas Roster Atlanta United
Formation: 4-3-3 Ferreira Picault Barrios Tessmann Servania Cerrillo Nelson Bressan Hedges Reynolds Maurer 
INJURIES: OUT: Paxton Pomykal - hip surgery OUT: Kyle Zobeck - groin
SUSPENSIONS: Thiago Santos (M - Yellow Card accumulation), Bryan Acosta (M - Red Card)
CALL UPS: none

Post-Match Summary

FT: Atlanta United FC 1-0 FC Dallas

45' Substitution, Atlanta United FC. Eric Remedi replaces Matheus Rossetto.
45' On: Adam JahnOff: Miles Robinson
47' Bressan Yellow Card
55' Jeff Larentowicz Penalty - Scored
68' Substitution, FC Dallas. Franco Jara replaces Brandon Servania.
69' On: Hárold MosqueraOff: Fabrice Picault
69' On: Bryan ReynoldsOff: John Nelson
72' Substitution, Atlanta United FC. Manuel Castro replaces Jon Gallagher.
81' On: Laurence WykeOff: Jake Mulraney
83' Substitution, FC Dallas. Dante Sealy replaces Michael Barrios.
83' On: Ricardo PepiOff: Jesús Ferreira
89' Substitution, Atlanta United FC. Edgar Castillo replaces Emerson Hyndman.
  • Matchup info provided by 3rdDegree.net, fcdallas.com, and mlssoccer.com
  • As you discuss the match, please abide by sub rules.


TV: Mark Followill and Steve Davis will be on the call for Wednesday's game on FOX Sports Southwest Plus and the FCDTV Network. Coverage begins at 6PM CT.
Note: The match will be broadcast on FOX Sports Southwest Plus for DirecTV and UVerse subscribers. For cable and OTT viewers (YouTube TV, Hulu Live, etc.) the game will only be available on FOX Sports Go (available in DFW, Tyler, Longview, Lufkin, Lubbock, Abilene, Midland/Odessa, Wichita Falls, Waco, Bryan/College Station) and FCDallas.com/Stream (available in DFW, Amarillo, Lubbock and Tyler).
ONLINE: The match will be streamed live on the FOX Sports GO app and at FOXSportsGO.com.
All 2020 FC Dallas matches broadcast on FOX Sports Southwest, FOX Sports Southwest Plus and on TXA21 and on FCDTV Network affiliates will be available on virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPD) such as YouTube TV and Hulu Live as well as on fcdallas.com/stream for viewers within DFW and FCDTV Network markets.
The match will be also be streaming on ESPN+ in English and Spanish for viewers outside DFW and the FCDTV Network markets. (ESPN+ blackout restrictions apply)*
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2020.09.22 08:02 LouisCyphres_Sinema TCM on demand movies are gone

is the TCM on demand temporarily broken on the Fire stick 4K or did they remove the feature? it was my only way to watch movies I missed live, since the TCM stand-alone app only works for Uverse customers
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2020.09.02 00:12 cristaal12 Don't need a vpn?

Hi, I'm new to side loading apps to stream tv. I am a bit confused about real debris vs vpns. Am in correct in that you do not need a vpn only real debrid? I am in the US and have atnt uverse in internet. Will this obscure streaming? I have gotten a notice once before for torrent downloading from atnt. Thanks on advance!
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2020.08.30 20:50 kjh1 Tip: Setting up Eero for the first time with AT&T U-Verse: Leave data connection enabled on your smartphone

I had originally come to this subreddit to troubleshoot why my Eero setup with an AT&T U-Verse modem was failing (right after you tell it what your new network (SSID & password) should be).
I found this excellent thread, but could not post to it, so creating this new post.
The issue was that after disabling the Wi-Fi networks on my AT&T modem/router, my phone had no Internet connection and the Eero app could not reach out to register itself.
In our pandemic times where I hardly leave home, I decided to switch off the data connection on my phone and just didn't think that was necessary for this setup. I also missed the small print during the setup that says it requires a data connection.
The Eero help docs don't mention this either. I think it may not be a bad idea for the Eero setup to worry about registration after everything is up and working.
This may be useful for ISPs other than the AT&T, but I don't have any personal experience with those.
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2020.08.12 21:22 Possessed_Panda710 Any idea how to stream tonight’s episode? ABC live stream app not working for me.

I live a few states away from my parents whose cable credentials (AT&T Uverse) I use to sign into different channels apps to use their live tv option. I was going to do this for ABC to watch tonight’s episode but apparently it currently doesn’t work with U-verse.
I usually just wait until Thursday to watch it on Hulu but I’d like to watch this one live.
Does anyone know any free way I can stream the finale?
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2020.08.05 20:19 garnetgoggles Streaming Denver sports

How does everyone stream Rockies and Nuggets games?
I stream mostly using the AT&T Uverse provider login of a friend on a fire stick and I also have Xfinity internet so get a few streaming services thru that too... But outside of the occasional Nuggets game on ESPN app, I haven't found a way to stream these events.
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2020.07.29 04:31 HayesDNConfused Cannot watch Padres Giants on Uverse App.

Worked on first couple games of season but hasn't worked since. I have an iPad near my rowing machine and want to watch while I row. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get it to work?
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2020.07.23 02:31 xitout FuboTV DVR questions

Hey all, I’m looking to switch from Uverse tv to a streaming service. Have been trialing Hulu, YTTV, and now FuboTV.
These are my biggest questions right now:
  1. Is there a way of limiting the number of episodes of a series that are kept? If so, I can’t find it. With our current (physical) DVR, I can set it to something like 10 episodes with the oldest recording from that series getting deleted when it records the 11th.
  2. Related: is it true that the cloud DVR will eventually just fill up and stop recording instead of pushing out (auto-deleting) the oldest stuff as it records newer stuff? I saw a mention of this elsewhere but am not sure.
  3. Is it possible to set the DVR to record all games for a certain team or a certain league? Or do you have to set them to record one game at a time?
Also curious about the following:
  1. How do you check the resolution on a video stream when you’re watching? Thinking here of an iPhone or iPad while watching in iOS app.
  2. Are the ads in on-demand episodes usually pretty short? Was just watching a show (Guy’s Grocery Games) and the ad breaks had like a single 15 sec ad? Not skippable, but surprisingly short.
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2020.07.20 18:25 xitout sort or filter to view DVR episodes separate from VOD?

Hi. I've searched and am afraid I know the answer to this, but wanted to double-check and ask for workarounds...
Is there any way of sorting or filtering episodes in your library to see the DVR'd episodes for a show without them being intermixed with the VOD episodes?
I know that for new episodes they will show up in the new in your library section, but when stuff like syndicated re-runs get recorded, they wind up buried in a sea off VOD content and it's virtually impossible to find them, especially for shows that have a lot of seasons.
Sure, we could just watch VOD episodes, but then we're forced to watch commercials. I would much prefer watching the DVR'd reruns and having the option of skipping the ads.
This is a *huge* limitation and is really making me question whether or not we should make the move from Uverse TV (w/whole house DVR) to YouTube TV. We're currently in our free trial period with YTTV.
If it matters, we will be primarily accessing content via the YTTV app on a Roku Ultra.
Any suggestions?
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2020.07.13 19:10 N6GQ So many options - help me with what I "need"?

Hey all, I've had ATT uVerse bundled with my fiber for the past 2 years, with the intro deal I had it was about $45 for the 200 channel line up. That wasn't bad. Now my 2 years is up and they have no competing deal so the price will go way up, so I'm dropping them.
I've been reading each of the channel line ups for the various streaming services I think I have settled on Hulu+Live, as it has the majority of channels I want and has network TV Anywhere logins for the channel-streaming apps.
I have a Samsung smart TV, and a traditional receiver, and an HD antenna for the local channels. I'm in the DFW area so I get a ton of OTA channels, and with Samsung I have TV Plus for a few extra channels (notably a weather channel - this is good since almost no streaming services have "The Weather Channel" - which is something I watch a lot).
So my go to channels are: TLC, A&E, Discovery, TruTV, HLN, ID, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, FOOD, Cooking, NG/NGW, Travel, and The Weather Channel. Most of those are on Hulu+Live.
Given that I have a Samsung TV, I think I could install the Hulu App, but not sure that's the "best" way to do this. I've been considering an Apple TV or Fire device, or even Roku, but not sure if that buys me much. I've seen HDHomeRun but otherwise no way to manage OTA besides the Samsung (choosing input).
I do use a DVR occasionally and I do use TLC Go, and the streaming apps from the various networks to watch older content a lot.
I realized Sling doesn't have TV Anywhere capability with TLC Go, so that was a hard stop, and Hulu is the next one in line that has most of what I want, albeit at $20 more/month or so.
So what's the hot set up - do I need a hardware box like Apple TV or otherwise? What does that get for me that I wouldn't have via Samsung apps?
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2020.07.05 22:53 kaybee718 Debt Consolidation Loan

My credit score is hovering between 660 & 675 for several months now and I'm trying to increase it.
FYI: I'm obtaining my credit score from free sources: CreditWise, Chase, CreditKarma, Experian app, Discover, Mint, etc.
All of my payments have been on time for a considerable period of time. I think CK shows 98%. My last late payment was 2017ish.
My credit utilization is about 27%.
I just bought a new car in April and my interest rate is 3.xx%. That was a huge first for me.
I have 3 CCs with balances. Discover, Cap1, and Amazon store card. Total balance is about $1500-2000 and I pay more than the minimum every month.
I have a mortgage, but I'm planning to sell and buy another house next summer.
Here's the black mark.
I have several collection accounts on my credit. Many are medical. I also have items for Uverse and T-Mobile.
I suspect that these items are why my credit is stuck where it is and I want to take out a consolidation loan to pay these off. However, I'm being declined on personal loan apps due to my collection accounts. Any way around this? Can I somehow explain that the collection accounts will be going away?
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2020.07.05 22:51 kaybee718 Consolidation Loan

My credit score is hovering between 660 & 675 for several months now and I'm trying to increase it.
FYI: I'm obtaining my credit score from free sources: CreditWise, Chase, CreditKarma, Experian app, Discover, Mint, etc.
All of my payments have been on time for a considerable period of time. I think CK shows 98%. My last late payment was 2017ish.
My credit utilization is about 27%.
I just bought a new car in April and my interest rate is 3.xx%. That was a huge first for me.
I have 3 CCs with balances. Discover, Cap1, and Amazon store card. Total balance is about $1500-2000 and I pay more than the minimum every month.
I have a mortgage, but I'm planning to sell and buy another house next summer.
Here's the black mark.
I have several collection accounts on my credit. Many are medical. I also have items for Uverse and T-Mobile.
I suspect that these items are why my credit is stuck where it is and I want to take out a consolidation loan to pay these off. However, I'm being declined on personal loan apps due to my collection accounts. Any way around this? Can I somehow explain that the collection accounts will be going away?
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2020.06.26 04:38 houston_M3 Playing Plex server media on local network PC

Hi all, I just setup my Plex server and it works fine with one show I added to the library. Can view it on my phone or tvs with Fire Stick Plex apps added no problem. Only had to setup port forwarding on my Uverse router. However on my personal PC I can't connect securely and Plex keeps saying insecure connections aren't allowed (even though I enabled that option). Any advice on how to fix? I'm not sure what to do here? Watching my library while multitasking on my PC was my main goal outside of being able to watch my library from the bedroom and living room tvs.
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2020.06.04 00:09 SlimeQSlimeball Question about rewinding live TV

Ok, there isn't any information available about this so I'm hoping someone has tried this already.
Can I buy an att tv box, use my tv now credentials, and be able to pause and rewind live TV like you can with the att tv service on the box? Using att tv credentials on the app doesn't allow you to pause on the app so my hypothesis is that the device itself has a buffer inside it.
I'm moving from uverse and I will lose it forever if I switch. The only reason I'm switching is because it's cheaper.
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2020.05.23 19:52 bundeywundey Internet connection issues

Hi everyone!
So I've been trying to Google this problem but it's hard to get into a searchable format so I'll ask here. Hopefully you guys can help. I have AT&T Uverse Gigabit internet. I have their modem because I believe I read their internet only really works with their equipment. Modem is the Pace 5268AC.
I have been having connection issues some about January or February before the lockdowns began. I think it MIGHT be happening on my wired and Wi-Fi connections but seems WAY more common on Wi-Fi than wired. But basically things take forever to load.
On my phone searching websites will just hang for like 30-60 seconds. Same thing for apps like Wikipedia and YouTube...will take 30-60 seconds for Wikipedia to load recommended pages as I type, YouTube will take that amount of time to just load the main page of the app let alone a video.
My work laptop is really slow but I do connect through a VPN. The weird thing is (at least to me) is that sometimes it will say I'm still connected to the VPN but it will say the connection to my own network will have no internet access. Though it doesn't seem to affect my connection to the VPN I can still work fine. Just seems weird that it says I have no internet access but it doesn't kick me off anything. Though I don't know anything really about VPNs.
My wired desktop doesn't seem to have quite as many issues. Every once in awhile when I try to search websites I'll get the Chrome error page where it can't connect. Though when I'm on my desktop I'm usually just playing games and not browsing much so it might just be a frequency issue that I don't search much. Weirdly enough I don't think I have ever had any issues playing WoW or other games. My latency is always <=30.
So the thing I don't understand is that every speed test site I go to has my connection speeds showing that I'm usually 7-800+ on wired and 200+ on Wi-Fi. But the above problems still occur while the tests all say I'm blazing fast. I've tried changing channels on the Wi-Fi to use less used channels but even when I'm the only one on that channel the problems persist. I've had AT&T send me a new modem but the same problems are happening. Though I think it transferred all my settings automatically so not sure if the problems are in the settings.
Any ideas on tests I can run that look at other things other than standard speed test sites? Or does anyone know why my connection looks blazing fast but has poor performance?
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2020.05.22 18:42 banjopicker74 Optimizing a tp-link AX6000

Looking for any advice or resources to optimize my new router. I have it placed behind a UVerse Pace gateway set on pass through.
I have already locked in the Channel numbers and frequencies.l based on a inssider scan. I’ve also adjusted the Pace IP to prevent issues with the router (based on a video I watched).
The router works great compared to the native WiFi in the Pace but there is a lot of available tools on this router that appear to be unused,
Any other recommends on settings.
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2020.04.27 02:25 drydropper Google Nest AT&T UVerse TMobile WiFi Calling - Major Issues

Hoping someone can help me out with the nightmare I have been having since getting Google Nest router and point to extend my WiFi range. Since stay-at-home orders, I have been working in a spot in my home that is on the opposite end from our AT&T UVerse router and the speeds were terrible. Next to the router I get 60mbps down and in the room I was working I was getting 1.2mbps. I have always liked Google products and so I got the Google Nest router and point to extend my range. I did some reading and found out some people have had issues with Google WiFi and AT&T UVerse, so I used this video to setup and things worked great initially. Speeds were uniform across my house and it was going well.

However, my wife and I started noticing that any phone call we made or received would work fine for the first 5-10 seconds and then the person on the other end of the call would no longer be able to hear us. We could still hear them talking but they could not hear us. We have no reliable cell service at our house and TMobile WiFi calling has always worked well for us here (both have iPhone XR phones). Tried a factory reset of the Google Nest system to see if the instructional video I found was the issue and attempted a setup through the Google Home app and now the point will not connect, so it seems the video was the only way to connect the network.

If anyone has made it this far, I would greatly appreciate any help you could give. This has been extremely frustrating, as I need the improved connection to work from home right now, but obviously cannot work without the ability to make phone calls. If there is anyone who has worked with this combination of connections/devices or could help me troubleshoot issues, I would greatly appreciate it.
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